Capital Formboard Designer

Improve your wiring harness assembly board designs with full-scale diagram capabilities linked to the upstream harness design data.

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A person designs a wire harness assembly board for maximum efficiency.

Why Capital Formboard Designer?

Capital Formboard Designer extends Capital Harness Designer and Capital Harness Designer Modular functionality. It provides full-scale diagram capabilities linked to the baseline Capital Harness Designer or Capital drawings.

Rapidly create manufacturing-ready formboard designs

Eliminate common sources of error
Implement our powerful graphical and design-management environment to make authoring formboard designs easy and swift. Automated and rule-based fixture/holder placement minimizes the manual effort.

Create full-scale detailed formboard diagrams
Use the multiple-view facility to edit in one harness design diagram and automate updates in related formboard.

Simplify your design process
Simplify – with data-centric backbone – project and process management, design change, cross-organization communication and integration with upstream/downstream processes. The multiple-view facility simplifies drawing creation and dynamically updates all relataed documents.

Save time and effort
Manipulate bundles to help reduce the time needed to create complex formboard layouts. Identify problems and enforce best practices with automated design rule checks. Data management facilities simplify revision management and eliminate transcription errors common to traditional file-based processes.

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