Capital Systems Architect

A platform-level functional allocation tool that helps optimize architecture designs across electrical and electronics (E/E) domains.

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An engineer reviewing the details of a design.

Why Capital Systems Architect?

Capital Systems Architect is an easy-to-learn system modeling tool that can be used to analyze E/E architecture designs and optimize functional allocations. It enables rapid redistribution of functions and signals, generating correct-by-construction outputs to feed the detail design tools.

Consolidate and deploy functional models into a logical platform

Integrate functional models with multi-domain information
Unite functional models with configuration-rich and multi-domain information. The models are deployed in an electrical engineering platform context, with the purpose of delivering validated implementation proposals for downstream domain-specific tools.

Allocate functions and signals to resources and carriers
Automatically or manually allocate functions and signals to resources and carriers using rules-driven logic. Apply user-defined rules and constraints to control and generate correct-by-construction logical and physical content.

Improve quality
Verify design intent using built-in design rule checks (DRCs).

Confirm targets
Establish that goals can be achieved at the architecture stage through quick iterations, allowing a seamless flow into production designs. Easily generate implementation proposals for downstream for hardware, software, networks and electrical designs.

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