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Capital Systems Integrator

A platform-level wiring generation tool​. It facilitates rule-driven automated development of complete platform electrical architectures.

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Why Capital Systems Integrator?

Capital Systems Integrator automatically merges generic subsystem signal connectivity with physical topology to generate fully detailed vehicle wiring designs. This removes a huge part of the system integration task, saving time and improving quality.

Employ rules-driven wiring synthesis

Optimize vehicle E/E architecture to minimize cost and weight
Develop the electrical and electronic (E/E) architectures of today’s sophisticated, highly connected and complex vehicles. Employ automatic and manual placement features to provide a powerful device packaging capability.

Analyze platform physical architectures
Simplify the task of subsystem integration with automatic synthesis of wiring objects using configurable rules. This allows real-time wiring architecture studies and ensures the consistent application of intellectual property and engineering best practices.

Promote quality
Leverage user-accessed design refinement functions, such as the ability to insert in-line connectors and move splice locations, to significantly improve the quality of designs.

Save time with Capital
Seamless integration within the Capital software suite provides a data-centric environment with easy access to and from other Capital tools.

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