NX Advanced Designer

Provides advanced design and analysis tools. It also includes format translators and capabilities to run a variety of automated applications.

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A screenshot shows the modeling and analysis of a complex cabinet.

Why NX CAD Advanced Designer?

Develop world-class products using advanced NX design capabilities. Advanced Designer features all of the functionality of NX Core Designer, but with more advanced sheet metal, freeform and Convergent Modeling design tools. It also includes routing, shaping and surface analysis tools. CAD industry standard format translators are included, as well as the capabilities to run a variety of automated applications.

Key features

Translators/interfaces: IGES and DXF/DWG, 2D exchange, STEP AP203/214, rapid prototyping, Solid Edge open, SolidWorks open

Design licenses: Solid and feature modeling, synchronous technology, core Convergent Modeling, Freeform Modeling Basic, Advanced Sheet Metal

Industry Specific: Routing base

Validation: Optimization wizard, HD3D Visual Reporting out-of-the-box (OOTB) reports