Opcenter Intelligence Cloud

Opcenter Intelligence Cloud gives access to all production-relevant data and manufacturing data analytics from a cloud-based manufacturing intelligence system.

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Access and explore manufacturing data from everywhere

Opcenter Intelligence Cloud provides a single source of truth and analytical tools for self-service data exploration and reporting.

Connect automatically to various data sources
Connect every source of manufacturing data, including Siemens and other manufacturing execution systems (MES) and manufacturing operations management (MOM) systems, shop floor operational technology (OT), the industrial Internet of Things (IoT), and a myriad of third-party legacy systems. Use this single, cloud-based source to correlate data and view it in different ways.

Gain greater access to smart data
Transform the vast stores of raw data generated from every phase of manufacturing into smart data. Opcenter Intelligence Cloud connects, organizes and aggregates raw data into cohesive, intelligent and contextualized information. Cloud-based manufacturing intelligence combines process data with business information, operations data, and key performance indicators (KPIs).

Get cloud-based global visibility
Connect factories across the globe and see their status constantly. The data normalization layer of Opcenter Intelligence Cloud generates an enterprise-level view of KPIs. Show cross-factory status of operations.

Perform web-based production analytics
Facilitate understanding of performance across complex or dispersed operations with data aggregation and smart data analytics. Opcenter Intelligence Cloud leverages cloud-based manufacturing intelligence tools and IoT applications to produce powerful manufacturing insights.

Leverage closed-loop continuous improvement
Enhance collaborative efforts to improve production throughput and efficiency and to maximize production capacity. Opcenter Intelligence Cloud offers powerful cloud-based manufacturing intelligence tools that uncover hidden opportunities to continuously improve your production operations.

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Get global visibility and data-driven decisions with Opcenter Intelligence Cloud - Siemens SaaS analytics solution. Drive plant efficiency by aggregating manufacturing data into contextualized, meaningful information for immediate and actionable insights.

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