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Parasolid Data Access and Translation

Share 3D models across hundreds of Parasolid-based applications using the industry-standard Parasolid XT format, or through our wide range of solutions for data exchange.

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Why choose Parasolid Data Access and Translation?

Share and reuse 3D model data throughout the product lifecycle and across the supply chain.

Designers, engineers and manufacturers deploy a wide range of different systems during product development, often using different 3D data formats. Parasolid customers enjoy interoperability with other software applications, whether or not they are based on Parasolid.

This is due to the widespread adoption of Parasolid as a result of our open business model, together with a wide range of solutions for data import, export and optimization.

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Access comprehensive 3D model data from a wide range of formats, including precise B-Rep, assembly/configuration information, tessellated data, product manufacturing information, metadata and views.

HOOPS Exchange toolkit delivers powerful data exchange performance for software applications based on Parasolid. A dedicated interface between Parasolid and HOOPS Exchange enables import of formats based on Parasolid without translation. Integration with Parasolid Bodyshop enables other CAD formats to be translated into valid Parasolid models.

Repair, optimize and validate computer-aided design (CAD) data imported into Parasolid for downstream modeling operations with the Parasolid Bodyshop toolkit.

The Parasolid Bodyshop enables you to:

  • Import: Validate/clean incoming B-rep topology, heal sheets and solids, validate/clean/heal/sew trimmed surface data
  • Clean: Improve topology — invalid sense, missing topology, bad loop and region structure Improve geometry — zero length curves, short edges, gaps, sliver faces etc.
  • Optimize: Simplify geometry, improve tolerant edges and remove small entities
  • Ensure fidelity: Track modifications, measure closeness of cleaned geometry to original shape
  • Export: Convert geometry to common or standard forms

License Parasolid single format translator toolkits for high speed, end-to-end translation between Parasolid and several industry formats, including:

  • STEP: bi-directional translation between Parasolid and STEP AP203, AP214
  • IGES: bi-directional translation between Parasolid and IGES with support for JAMA-IS
  • SAT: bi-directional translation between Parasolid and Spatial Technology's ACIS SAT format

Get translation-free interoperability between all Parasolid-based applications with Parasolid XT, the open, published Parasolid 3D data format.

Parasolid is integrated into more than 350 applications, spanning the CAD, CAM, CAE and AEC domains. Two-way Parasolid version compatibility enables the exchange of data between applications based on different versions of Parasolid.

As a result, Parasolid XT is a dominant format for representing, sharing and storing 3D digital products.

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