Microscope view of cells as part of the bio process.

Enterprise recipe management

Riffyn X

Streamline laboratory process development with Riffyn X, which was specifically designed for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. With lab and manufacturing processes transparent and versioned, you'll see reduced errors and improved collaboration and process transfer.

Create an end-to-end holistic data set

Place your research and development process flows at the center of everything. Deliver integrated, contextualized and analysis-ready data instantly. Get enhanced process quality, better screening decisions and rapid process performance improvement.

Speed up data prep and assembly

Provide a secure and compliant hub for people, processes and data with software that's scalable for enterprise IT.

Integrate effortlessly

Share data in a structured and systematic way across the organization to improve collaboration and transparency.

Accelerate development

Use contextualized data collected into a flexible, versioned process model for aggregate analysis. 

Process design

Design scientific workflows, analytical methods and manufacturing processes

Design and visualize complex processes, workflows and methods. Change these processes as needed with a versioning system.

  • Graphical design of workflows, methods and processes
  • Shared ontologies for consistent process definition
  • Reusable, shareable, linkable, versioned unit operations (also called “steps” and “groups”)
  • Annotation of procedure tasks, design notes, observations, images and videos

Experiments design and execution

Run experiments, test samples, process batches

Design, plan and execute experiments in Riffyn X. Samples, reagents, equipment and data are identified uniquely and tracked automatically through your entire process. Capture and integrate data from a diversity of laboratory data sources and then design runs, trials and experimental conditions in execution-ready format for single and multivariate experiments.

  • Database of laboratory materials, equipment and samples collected (as entered by users)
  • Automatic sample naming with user-defined formulas
  • Spreadsheet-like table editing including formulas
  • Data capture from Excel and text files, databases, historians and other software
  • Data validation, 21 CFR 11 compliant, electronic signatures and audit log

Modular integration

Connect to a data ecosystem

Built on a security-hardened cloud architecture, Riffyn X embraces industry standards for vendor-neutral data ingestion and extraction.

  • Share your processes and experiments with collaborators at four access levels for real-time collaboration
  • Access processes metadata and data in industry standard formats including JSON, XML, CSV and parquet
  • Query data with a REST API or SQL-based connections

Smart data management

Clean, link, integrate and analyze data

Automatically structure and contextualize data across experiments and teams.

  • Delivers data in a vendor-neutral data frame suitable for visualization, machine learning and data pipelines
  • Export data to data analytics or business intelligence tools including JMP, Spotfire, Tableau, R and Python
  • Use Riffyn X-built plugins for JMP and Spotfire with tools for experiment design, process genealogy and data analytics

Built for life sciences and pharma industries

The Riffyn X cloud-based software focuses on gathering, contextualizing and integrating data throughout the development process. Use it to share data in a structured and systematic way across the organization. Taking into account all the different characteristics and variants from each recipe makes product and production lifecycles more efficient.

This screenshot of Riffyn X shows a graphical representation of the fermentation process, which helps users track and analyze the process, identify key inputs and parameters, and optimize efficiency and outcomes.

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