NX Mach 2 XaaS

Proporciona funcionalidades de diseño mejoradas, como el diseño flexible de PCB, la comprobación de validación, las figuras definidas por el usuario, la representación y mucho más.

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Panel de NX Mach 2 para validar un nuevo componente.

Why NX CAD Mach 2?

Benefits: Boost product design efficiency, accelerate mechanical design processes, improve collaboration, reduce design process waste, improve design quality and get better products to market faster.

The NX Mach software products are prepackaged solutions that deliver the computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities of NX software, a leading solution for mechanical design.

What's included in NX Mach 2?

NX Mach 2 for product development offers a prepackaged solution that includes all of the tools provided in NX Mach 1. Additionally, it provides enhanced product design capabilities that include flexible printed circuit board (PCB) design, validation checking, user-defined features, rendering, 3D annotation for product and manufacturing information (PMI), and basic routing. 

NX Mach 2 enables customers to create and document a wide range of products and components in a managed development environment (MDE). It provides straight break sheet metal capabilities, and comprehensive freeform modeling tools. All common translators are included, as well as runtime capabilities for a variety of automation applications. 

The Mach 2 bundle includes everything needed to integrate with Teamcenter software to provide optional extended engineering process management tools through scalable collaboration and advanced management.

About the NX Mach series

The NX Mach packages offer competitively priced solutions in performance tiers that are tailored to specific product development roles, practices and processes. All of the NX Mach design solutions share a common denominator of high-performance CAD functions and powerful high-definition 3D (HD3D) Visual Reporting, enabling designers and engineers to quickly understand key elements of their designs.

You can extend and enhance the functionality of the Mach Series with add-on modules. These add-ons enable you to configure your solutions to specific requirements with specialized design tools, standard parts applications, design-integrated simulation solutions, programming and customization toolkits and direct translators.

Key features

Design modeling: Feature-based solid modeling, synchronous technology, core Convergent Modeling, drafting, assemblies, basic freeform modeling, user-defined features

Process-specific modeling tools: Sheet metal design, Product and Manufacturing Information
(PMI), flexible PCB, basic routing

Industrial design: Photorealistic rendering, visualize shape

Product validation: Product validation, HD3D Visual Reporting out-of-the-box (OOTB) report, optimization and sensitivity study tools