NX Scan to Part

Import facet data from scanning physical objects, eliminating the need to map surfaces, create solids or manually recreate geometry and more.

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Reverse engineering an old machine component.

Why NX CAD Scan to Part?

Use reverse engineering tools to leverage imported scanned 3D data in your design
process. NX imports polygon facet data directly from scanning physical objects, so there
is no need to map surfaces, create solids or manually recreate geometry. Advanced
convergent modeling technology also allows designers to combine facets, surfaces and
solids in one model without converting data. CAD industry standard format translators
are included, as well as the capability to run a variety of automated applications.

Key features

Translators/interfaces: IGES and DXF/DWG, 2D exchange, STEP AP203/214, rapid prototyping, Solid Edge open, SolidWorks open

Design licenses: Solid and feature modeling, synchronous technology, core Convergent Modeling, assemblies, Freeform Modeling Basic, Freeform Modeling Advanced

Industrial design: Freeform shape, Realize Shape, advanced surface analysis

Validation: HD3D Visual Reporting out-of-the-box (OOTB) reports