A fully managed SaaS/cloud-based solution that delivers the full power of NX to customers in a secure, flexible, easy-to-use way via a web browser.

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A woman in a yellow sweater is using a laptop. Schematic of an aeroplane in NX on monitor screen.

NX X: Design without compromise

NX X is a secure, cloud-based CAD solution available through any web browser. Watch this video to learn how NX X allows companies to develop a comprehensive digital twin from anywhere.

Why NX X CAD online?

NX X is a complete prepackaged cloud-based CAD solution that delivers full NX capabilities. It packages the backend infrastructure and managed services needed to be a complete software as a service (SaaS) solution that is available online globally.

Leverage the cloud
Connect your distributed teams across the country or the globe. Whether you are a work-from-home designer and engineer or a multi-location stakeholder, NX X CAD online makes it easy to access data, and ensures it stays centralized and secure.

NX X CAD never leaves your company’s cloud environment. This keeps your intellectual property (IP) secure and ensures all stakeholders work on a common, secure platform.

Increase security
Secure your data by never letting it leave your cloud environment. Remote workers access the data from inside the NX X environment, which eliminates the need to transmit files via email, have file sharing sites or use removable devices. With more secure project data, you can more easily collaborate across teams while keeping data integrity intact and IP protected—only make data available to approved personnel.

Reduce IT overhead
Reduce your information technology (IT) cost of ownership with a fully managed solution. NX X removes the need for you to manage IT infrastructure. Siemens Cloud Services runs the entire environment, including software installation, updates and data backup. With reduced total cost of ownership, you can focus on innovating engineering projects and maintaining a competitive edge.

Work from anywhere
Access the full power of NX on any device. For many, working remotely or across distributed teams is necessary. Using NX X, there is no need for remote installations of software or license management. Remote teams can use the same tools and data without the burden of software installation, updates and cost of hardware at the user level, reducing overhead and increasing value.

Key features

NX X is a fully managed SaaS solution that provides best practices for installation and setup. A prepackaged solution includes:

  • NX software license
  • Siemens hosted cloud services
  • Siemens Xcelerator Academy certified training courseware
  • Powerful preconfigured server and GPU (graphic processing unit) services