Engineer using Valor products in PCB assembly factory.

Valor electronics manufacturing software

Valor software optimizes electronics manufacturing by enabling a full digital flow from product design, through process engineering, to the manufacturing shop floor.

Optimize your PCB assembly business

Reduce new product timeline

Simulate the product and process as designed—before actual production begins. Discover design flaws at earlier stages, making corrections quicker and less costly.

Make the most of SMT resources

Ensure your current resources are fully utilized and optimized for improved productivity before investing in expensive new machines and infrastructure.

Gain real-time data visibility

Improve your control of operations and material use—knowing what's happening on the shop floor in real-time is crucial to preventing scrap and quality issues.

Case study


Egicon uses Valor and Opcenter to reduce repair rates by 80 percent while eliminating scrap.
Case Study

Egicon uses Valor and Opcenter to reduce repair rates by 80 percent while eliminating scrap


業界:Electronics, Semiconductor devices

開催場所:Mirandola, Modena, Italy

シーメンスデジタルインダストリーズソフトウェア:Opcenter APS, Opcenter Execution Core, Opcenter Execution Electronics, Opcenter Execution Electronics IoT - MSS (Valor IoT manufacturing - Shopfloor), Opcenter Intelligence for On Premises, Valor Process Preparation

Valor Benefits

Maximize engineering and manufacturing productivity

Reduce design iterations, improve yield and optimize engineering and manufacturing productivity.

Shift PCB manufacturing knowledge into the design stage

Save time and costs by fixing design issues as they occur during each of the design stages. Don't wait to find the errors after the design is complete.

Case study: NI cuts DFM cycle time by 60%

Accelerate design-to-manufacturing handoff

Get quick, accurate design validation and a smooth handoff through comprehensive collaboration between designers and manufacturers in a secure online platform.

Video: Collaboration in action at Siemens CT

Meet customization challenges

Control the new product introduction (NPI) process to cut down changeover times. Eliminate manual, error-prone processes with a digitalized approach to process engineering.

Video: How ROJ s.r.l reduced NPI time by 40%

Automate material delivery within the factory

Cut material waste and inventory with tight machine integration and precise inventory management, and ensure a smooth manufacturing flow.

Video: Maximizing efficiency and saving material costs

Use powerful analytics to solve efficiency challenges

Turn the vast amount of data generated in your surface mount technology (SMT) production line into actionable insights with out-of-the-box dashboards that cover every aspect of PCB manufacturing.

White paper: Improving SMT assembly productivity

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