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Siemens Mechanical Design Bundle

Scale your mechanical design solution with flexible software. Manage design tools to meet your needs, while future-proofing your business and protecting your data.

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Why Siemens' Mechanical Design Software?

Boost your design capacity and capabilities with a flexible toolset

Mix and match your CAD options to meet the diverse needs of your business. Our Mechanical Design Bundle gives you the optimal balance of performance and price, with a combination of NX and Solid Edge software licenses that create the right fit for you. Seamlessly move back and forth between Solid Edge and NX, matching your design capabilities to your design needs.

With our Mechanical Design Bundle, you'll have access to:

  • Flexible floating licenses between NX and Solid Edge
  • Standardization across CAD software
  • Interoperability built atop the industry-leading Parasolid modeling kernel

Explore benefits of bundled mechanical design software

Access capabilities that give you the competitive edge, from 2D CAD to multi-discipline design.

Improve performance and efficiency

Do more in less time with unparalleled performance, high-end modeling tools, and guided process wizards and smart automation.

Large dataset performance

Manage even the largest assemblies quickly and easily, without lags or crashes. Create a complete digital mock-up that allows for more accurate design and analysis.

Mechanical and freeform modeling

Leverage an extensive set of freeform design tools, from subdivision modeling to synchronous sculpting of surfaces and solids with unique, history-based class A methods.

Guided process wizards for generative design

Explore thousands of design possibilities in a fraction of the time with intuitive process wizards. Reduce weight and material used, with advanced generative capabilities.

Put your products in the context of the real world

Understand how your designs will look, feel and interact in the real world, from ergonomics studies and virtual reality to high end visualization.

Built-in ergonomics studies

Put the human into your product design. Use 3D models of people to explore ergonomic impact and verify how people of different sizes will interact with their product designs.

Virtual reality

Get up close and personal with full-size models, in virtual reality sessions that extend familiar interactions into a truly immersive 3D environment.

High-end visualization

Leverage a range of visualization modes, and easily switch between them to ensure an optimized balance between speed, quality and performance.

Extend your team with integrated functionality

Scale up your team’s capabilities with integrated features and functions, including simulation, manufacturing and more, as well as specialist industry applications tailor-made for your workflows.

Knowledge-driven validation

Utilize customizable tools to proactively improve product quality and automatically ensure that CAD data and product designs adhere to industry, customer or company standards.

Integrated, scalable simulation and manufacturing

Access a range of simulation solutions, from digital validation and finite element analysis to fully embedded computational fluid dynamics, and support for a wide range of manufacturing processes.

Specialist industry applications

Find solutions based on industry-driven workflows, with end-to-end process completeness. Enhance productivity with the tools made for your industry, including composites, airframe design and seat trim engineering.

Leveraging a single Siemens digital-mechanical backbone, both NX and Solid Edge provide us with the right design tools for the job, whether its research, product development, tooling design or factory layout, we have the right solution to address current and future design challenges.
Olivier Pellerin, IT Innovation Manager, Groupe SEB

Experience the Parasolid advantage

Siemens operates solely on the Parasolid kernel for all of our CAD products, including Solid Edge and NX—a first in industry from a single provider. This enables us to provide varied capabilities, at different price points, in a cost-effective, scalable package. And because we own, develop and openly share Parasolid, we can provide unmatched protection for your company's data and technology investments.

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