Designer wearing a telemetry glove, next to a prototype arm and hand


NX software

NX is a flexible, powerful software that helps deliver better products faster with next-generation design and manufacturing solutions using the digital twin.

Why NX CAD/CAM software?

Many successful companies, from startups to multinationals, gain competitive advantages using NX software. Some of these advantages include up to...


Faster product design cycles

Get your products to market faster, with less rework and fewer prototypes, using integrated NX CAD products.


Shorter time-to-delivery

The NX integrated design and manufacturing capabilities help companies meet tight deadlines.


First time yield

NX manufacturing solutions enable businesses to boost KPIs while improving sustainability.

Case study


Case study

Haidlmair uses NX to optimize the mold design process


Location:Nussbach, Austria

Siemens Software:NX