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Whether you get value from your data through our IoT apps and solutions or develop your own apps, start for free and learn how to use Insights Hub step by step.

Start for Free with Insights Hub

Sign up for free and start your industrial IoT journey today. Learn how to get the full potential of your data step by step with Insights Hub.

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What's included in Start for Free?

Features and benefits

Generate data 
Connect your devices to Insights Hub and begin collecting data on your assets. 
View and analyze data 
Compare data and define notification events. 
Process data 
Visualize KPIs through an accessible dashboard. 
Customize your solutions 
Develop custom solutions in your own environment—without coding.

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Included apps

Asset Manager

Model the structure of an industrial process using assets, types and aspects.

Visual Flow Creator

Create versatile workflows and interactive dashboards.

Developer Cockpit

Configure and manage your developed applications in Insights Hub.

Insights Hub Monitor

Monitor assets and gain insights within IIoT.

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