Process Simulate

Plan, simulate and validate human tasks, robotics processes and automation during the entire product development lifecycle from concept, engineering and commissioning to production and continuous improvement.

Verify manufacturing processes in 3D environments

Get to market faster by allowing your manufacturing engineering organization to virtually validate manufacturing concepts upfront and throughout the lifecycle of new product introductions.

Leverage 3D models of products and resources to facilitate simulation, validation, optimization and commissioning of complex manufacturing processes involving equipment and people for faster launches and higher production quality.

Robots, AGVs, machines, conveyors and people in a Process Simulate software 3D simulation model.

Saving the day with Process Simulate

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Design, analyze and verify product assembly and disassembly processes to determine the most efficient, collision-free sequence in the shortest amount of time.

Use Process Simulate Assembler for modeling, dynamic creation and simulation of assembly and disassembly paths and operation sequences, collision detection and clearance assessment, 2D and 3D sectioning and measurement analyses. Select the most suitable tool for the operation, perform virtual clearance tests and collision analysis, and simulate the complete process of the product and the tool together.

3D model section view for vehicle seat assembly in Tecnomatix Process Simulate software.


Conduct virtual development, simulation and commissioning of robotic and automated manufacturing systems, including highly automated plants with a variable production mix.

Use Process Simulate Robotics to facilitate collision-free robot motion path planning and simulation, automatic robot placement and reach testing, robotic operation cycle time and energy usage optimization, and simplification of the process for synchronizing multi-robot workstations and zones. Multiple engineering disciplines can use the software to plan and validate manufacturing systems that range from single workstations to complete production lines.

Robotic path planning with Tecnomatix Process Simulate software showing 3D simulation model, path location and motion details, joint status and joint speed.

OLP — offline programming

Maintain and optimize robotic processes in a dynamic 3D virtual environment without interrupting existing production.

Use Process Simulate Offline Programming (OLP) for the creation and manipulation of robot-specific target locations, orientation, configuration, motion paths and interference zones. Perform cycle time optimization, configurable motion and OLP command creation and editing, robot calibration, and complete robot program download and upload based on the robot teach pendant interface and the robot controller for all major robot brands.

Tecnomatix Process Simulate OLP environment for 3D robotic offline programming and program download.

VC Lite — virtual commissioning

Perform virtual commissioning (VC) with offline Process Simulate models, including layout creation, kinematics definitions, simulation and analysis.

Use Process Simulate VC Lite to validate and optimize the build, installation and commissioning (mechanical and electrical) of manufacturing zones or cells containing robots and other automation devices. Simulate real programmable logic controller (PLC) code with the hardware using Siemens TIA Portal and PLCSIM Advanced software or OPC UA software and the actual robot programs, providing the most realistic virtual commissioning environment.

Display of PLC program code on the left and Process Simulate 3D robotic workcell simulation model on the right, used for virtual commissioning.

Continuous Manufacturing

Develop robotic manufacturing processes with tools for weld seam creation and continuous path generation for gluing, sealing and spraying operations, full robot motion path simulation and optimization for robot placement, reach and cycle time.

Use Process Simulate Continuous Manufacturing to import weld seams and machining toolpaths for robot path creation, to generate weld seams and continuous motion paths based on curves and geometry recognition, to align path locations based on surface-normal conditions, and to simulate paint and spray coverage and thickness.

Robotic painting 3D simulation model in Process Simulate software.


Design, analyze and optimization detailed human operations by scaling virtual human figures to fit any worker population for any task simulation.

Use Process Simulate Human to verify the design of a workstation, ensuring that product parts can be reached, assembled and maintained. Analyze and optimize the cycle time and ergonomics of the human operation and workstation, ensuring a safe process according to industry and corporate standards.

Virtual female human figure performing work tasks in Process Simulate Human software.

VR Analyze — virtual reality

Load Process Simulate studies into virtual reality (VR) environments to conduct design and process reviews, perform analysis of the scene and simulation and collaborate while fully immersed using VR hardware provided by HTC and HP.

Use Process Simulate VR Analyze to move within the virtual environment, play, pause and reset simulations created in Process Simulate, manipulate robots within the scene, make measurements, and record notes and markups.

A woman using a VR headset and controllers side by side with the 3D simulation model of the factory that she is viewing while immersed.
Case study

MINO Auto Equipment Co.

MINO exchanges data and collaborates with automakers throughout the planning, simulation and commissioning stages to reduce project cycles by as much as 30 percent.

A MINO factory floor using Tecnomatix virtual commissioning solutions
Case Study

MINO saves time with Tecnomatix virtual commissioning solutions

Firma:Guangzhou MINO Auto Equipment Co., Ltd.

Branche:Automobil und Transport

Standort:Guangzhou, China

Siemens Software:Tecnomatix

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