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Advanced physics for thermo-fluid systems engineering

Analyze and study complex physics to ensure safe and efficient operation of your thermo-fluid systems.

Ensure the safe and efficient operation of thermo-fluid systems

Analyze complex physical phenomena that are critical to ensuring safe and efficient operation of your thermo-fluid systems. Advanced physics and capabilities are available to accurately model the non-linear behavior of non-Newtonian fluids and two-phase flows. You can model the complex flow paths in rotating machines like gas turbines accounting for the effects of rotation on the fluid flow.

During the development process, all of the capabilities are rigorously tested against theoretical results and public literature to ensure result accuracy and consistency. This gives you the confidence to use the digital twin throughout the entire lifecycle of your thermo-fluid system to understand its behavior, to optimize its performance and to ensure its safety.

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Advanced physics for thermo-fluid systems capabilities

Non-Newtonian flows

Capture the complex behavior of non-Newtonian fluids to improve the performance of your thermo-fluid system. The pseudoplastic and dilatant behaviors along with more complex phenomena such as Bingham plastic can be quickly and easily characterized through coefficient and shear stress vs. shear rate curves. These highly nonlinear behaviors play a critical role in many industries like oil and gas, chemical, wastewater, medical, food and beverage, where the transport of non-Newtonian fluids is regularly encountered.

Dashboard of Non-Newtonian flows.

Two-phase flows

Analyze complex two-phase flows to optimize the performance of your system. Two-phase flows play a key role in power generation, heat pumps, waste heat recovery and geothermal applications. A dedicated enthalpy-based solver used in conjunction with specialized vapor cycle components accurately captures the complex physics of two-phase flows. Liquid, vapor and supercritical states are modeled based on accurate fluid properties extracted from NIST RefProp or derived from process simulators via the CAPE-OPEN standard.

Dashboard of Two-phase flows.