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Simcenter Flomaster software

Simcenter Flomaster offers a comprehensive simulation toolset for designing, commissioning and operating thermo-fluid systems.

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Dashboard of thermo-fluid system simulation using Simcenter Flomaster

Why Simcenter Flomaster?

Simcenter Flomaster offers a comprehensive simulation toolset for designing, commissioning and operating thermo-fluid systems. It can connect to PLM, CAD, simulation and industrial IoT to embrace digital transformation.

Reduce time-to-market with thermo-fluid system simulation
Simcenter Flomaster is a leading simulation tool for fluids engineering and offers reliable and accurate solvers and best-in-class in-built correlations. This means that you can effectively size gas, liquid and two-phase systems and components to achieve maximum efficiency. With the same virtual model, you can analyze dynamic events such as different operating conditions, failure and emergency scenarios to ensure safety.

Design, commission and operate thermo-fluid piping systems
Simcenter Flomaster offers a comprehensive simulation toolset for designing, commissioning and operating thermo-fluid piping systems. This means that the digital twin of the system developed in the engineering phase can be reused during operation for virtual sensing and on-line monitoring to improve efficiency and ensure safety. Simcenter Flomaster can connect to other relevant tools and platforms including PLM, CAD, simulation and industrial IoT allowing you to embrace digital transformation and innovate quickly.

Simcenter Flomaster capabilities

Simcenter Systems offers the integration of different simulation tools throughout the lifecycle of your system, from early design to the operation phase. This allows you to address the digital continuity challenge and increase the efficiency of your workflows and the collaboration between different departments. 

Simcenter Systems supports connections to a product lifecycle management (PLM) system and geometrical data, co-simulations between 1D and 3D CAE tools, design space exploration, model-based controls development and interactions among different systems using the functional mockup interface (FMI).

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Graphic of a circuit path, with a Sinmcenter FLOEFD heatmap of a specific junction in that circuit.

Optimize the efficiency of your thermo-fluid systems while ensuring they always operate safely. With Simcenter systems, you can simulate the dynamic behavior of thermo-fluid systems of any size and complexity, analyze complex physical phenomena that are critical for safe and efficient operation, and reuse the digital twin system during the operation phase for real-time monitoring for maximum efficiency and safety.

Simcenter systems allow you to size and balance your industrial gas systems, plant cooling systems, Rankine cycle systems for power generation, marine ballast systems, or large distribution systems and pipelines, all while reducing cost and accelerating time to market.

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Improve time-to-market and reduce cost by simulating thermo-fluid systems of any scale and complexity early in the design phase. Save time by automatically importing geometrical data (P&ID, CAD or GIS) to build your model and use the accurate static solver to rapidly size and balance your systems. The advanced post-processing allows you to understand system behavior at a glance and to identify issues when changes can be applied with minimal impact on costs.

Best-in-class solvers and built-in correlations guarantee the accuracy of the simulation results. Thanks to the large library of components based on Miller data, which is a set of highly accurate real measures taken on industrial size rigs and validated by different users over many years, you can make early design and procurement decisions with confidence.

Early design of thermo-fluid systems

Guarantee safe and efficient operation of thermo-fluid systems under any scenario. Thanks to the fast, reliable and rigorously tested transient solver, you can simulate the dynamic behavior of thermo-fluid systems of any size and complexity. Re-use the same models you used during early design for system and component sizing in detailed design for transient analyses. This guarantees model and data continuity throughout the entire engineering phase. 

You can analyze the dynamic behavior of the system in critical scenarios like pump failure, emergency valve closure, priming, blowdown and venting. The model accounts for complex phenomena such as pressure surge, line packing, visco-elasticity of plastic pipes, cavitation, chocking and full compressibility of gas.

Detailed design of thermo-fluid systems

The interior of a thermo-liquid processing plant.

Analyze complex physical phenomena that are critical to ensuring safe and efficient operation of your thermo-fluid systems. Advanced physics and capabilities are available to accurately model the non-linear behavior of non-Newtonian fluids and two-phase flows. You can model the complex flow paths in rotating machines like gas turbines accounting for the effects of rotation on the fluid flow.

During the development process, all of the capabilities are rigorously tested against theoretical results and public literature to ensure result accuracy and consistency. This gives you the confidence to use the digital twin throughout the entire lifecycle of your thermo-fluid system to understand its behavior, to optimize its performance and to ensure its safety.

Advanced physics for thermo-fluid systems

A child examines a model of a complex atom.

Address various architectures and technologies with the multiphysics system simulation approach. Powertrain electrification in automotive, reusable launch systems for the space industry, or the use of alternative fuels (LNG) for ships are examples of technology implementation that the modeling capabilities of Simcenter can support.

You will be able to design and assess the impact of the propulsion system on various metrics, such as onboard power generation or vehicle pollutant emissions, by performing a complete analysis of cross-system influences in a single platform.

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Maximize the return on investment leveraging the digital twin of your thermo-fluid systems throughout the entire lifecycle. You can reuse the model built in the engineering phase as an executable digital twin to support procurement, commissioning and operations.

Perform a cost-based design optimization to minimize both capital and operational expenditures and support procurement operations. Connect the digital twin of your thermo-fluid system to a virtual programmable logic controller to verify their interactions in a safe virtual environment before the system is built. Finally, connecting the executable digital twin to the real system sensors and controllers via industrial IoT, you can augment the information available to the operators to maximize efficiency and safety of system operations.

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