NX X Mach 1

NX X Mach 1 is a powerful entry-level solution that allows you to create and edit designs of typical 3D parts and assemblies.

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Why NX X CAD Mach 1?

Benefits: Boost product design efficiency, accelerate mechanical design processes, improve collaboration, reduce design process waste, improve design quality and overall productivity. 

NX X CAD Mach software products are prepackaged solutions that deliver the computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities of NX software, a leading solution for mechanical design—now on the cloud.

What's included in NX X CAD Mach 1?

NX X CAD Mach 1 is a powerful entry-level solution that allows you to create and edit designs of typical 3D parts and assemblies. It features solid modeling and drafting, basic freeform modeling and sheet metal design.

NX X CAD Mach 1 includes tools for rapid prototyping, validation checking, and data exchange. It includes the necessary tools to integrate with Teamcenter to provide powerful data management and visualization capabilities for product and process management. 

Key features:

Design modeling: Feature-based solid modeling, Synchronous Technology, core Convergent Modeling, drafting, assemblies, basic freeform modeling

Process-specific modeling tools: Sheet metal design

Product validation: HD3D Visual Reporting out-of-the-box (OOTB) report

About the NX X CAD Mach Series

NX X CAD Mach products are comprehensive Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that let you access the full NX computer-aided design (CAD) capabilities with all the associated flexibility, security and scalability benefits. The NX X CAD Mach products are cost-effective packages of capabilities that are tailored to different levels of design complexity and specific product development use cases.

You can extend and enhance the functionality of the NX X CAD Mach products with NX X Value Based Licensing. NX X Value Based Licensing enables you to configure your solutions to your specific requirements with specialized design tools, standard parts applications, design-integrated simulation solutions, programming and customization toolkits and direct translators. 

Great program for complex parts and assemblies

Verified User in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering, Small-Business Customer

Best-in-class for CAD Design

Application Engineer, Mid-Market Customer

Flexible platform with various add-ons

Brendan M., Enterprise Customer

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