A side-by-side of a drawing of a motorcycle merged with an HD hyper-realistic 3D rendering of the same motorcycle designed in NX.

Visual twin

Visualization & Virtual Reality (VR)

An immersive 3D environment provides a range of visualization modes. These modes can be used to display a proper visual twin of your data as it moves along the digital thread, matching your workflow with full associativity. Ensure an optimized balance between speed, quality and performance with NX.

On-demand webinar

Visualizing the digital twin for consumer products

Learn how to leverage the 3D visualization and rendering tools within NX. Reduce the creation time of your first image by up to 30%, and up to 90% for your second.

A high-definition NX 3D rendering of a Bosch coffee machine.

Immersive CAD Design

Use a fast and highly interactive visual display to make your interactions and reviews more efficient. It is important to easily interact with your model and quickly identify modeling and assembly features without requirements to set up lighting, materials and environments. A simple and clear visualization is important when using features such as highlighting and product manufacturing information (PMI).

2D design of a bulldozer's right side.

Design review

When reviewing designs with colleagues, fast and interactive displays are still important, but visual quality is also essential. NX enables users to communicate materials, simulate lighting and show designs in a realistic environment. With direct NX integration, all visual assets are managed and associated alongside the engineering model. NX enables you to dynamically visualize and inspect a realistic visualization of your models, helping you understand design intent, make better decisions and shorten the design cycle for more innovation.

A photo-realistic rending of an NX CAD model of an electric tractor in a field.


When it comes to high-end visualization, NX includes best-in-class rendering technology. Create high-quality content for multiple use cases with physically based materials, HDRI environments and camera controls. NX enables users to create realistic and photorealistic renders for design reviews, marketing or sales collateral and catalogs. These images can be used anywhere throughout the design process, providing transparency at different stages and speeding up time to market.

Visualization window of a tractor design in NX


Take design review participation to the next level of immersion with support for multi-user VR (virtual reality) sessions combined with spatial audio integration. Hosts can collaborate with multiple users across different geographical locations, allowing teams to save time and travel costs while developing a shared understanding of designs and enabling faster iteration cycles.

2 users wearing VR headsets reviewing a 3D bulldozer design.

One-click to VR

Leverage your managed NX engineering data and maintain the digital thread with fully-integrated NX Virtual Reality. NX Virtual Reality is accessible in one-click with no data preparation or time-consuming exports required. This integrated workflow saves you time and effort, enabling your teams to focus on value-added activities.

An engineer wearing VR goggles, working on a design for a bulldozer in front of a computer monitor.

Work at human scale

Make the transition from the traditional 2D world to an immersive 3D experience as seamless as possible with a range of tools and features. Access dynamic controller tooltips for quick and easy guidance while selecting and isolating part properties to truly understand the complexities of a full-scale model. Specialized navigational controls help anyone, irrespective of experience in VR environments, to navigate around a scene with ease, resulting in highly effective design reviews.

3D image of a bulldozer design, with two people standing next to this as though in virtual reality.
On-demand webinar

Product visualization with digital twin for marine

Learn about visualization, virtual reality (VR) and rendering tools within Siemens NX that can reduce render time by up to 90%.

A high-definition NX rendering of a black yacht with light wood flooring on a blue ocean.
Case study


Un carrello elevatore JCB che solleva una balla di fieno in un campo.
Case Study

I produttori di attrezzature pesanti promuovono la digitalizzazione


Settore industriale:Attrezzature pesanti

Sede:Rocester, United Kingdom

Siemens Software:Geolus, NX, PLM Open, Teamcenter