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Design, manufacturing and lifecycle management

Our software solutions help companies of all sizes – from large enterprises to startups – design, build and optimize their businesses


기업 합병 조건/Plan Połączenia Spółek

Siemens Digital Logistics Sp. z o.o, Siemens Industry Software Sp. z o.o.에 합병

Siemens digital Logistics Sp. z o.o łączy się z Siemens Industry Software Sp. z o.o.

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Siemens Xcelerator 포트폴리오 및 Siemens Xcelerator as a Service에 대한 자세한 내용은 Xcelerator 블로그 페이지를 참조하십시오.


Integrate mechanical design, electrical and electronic systems, software, and multi-physics simulation to create a comprehensive digital twin for performance prediction and design optimization.


Bring high-quality products to market quickly and efficiently with generative design, virtual commissioning, complete supply chain management, and breakthrough manufacturing technologies.

Lifecycle management

Collect, analyze and visualize data and processes throughout the product lifecycle to create closed-loop analytics from development to manufacturing to real-world feedback and then back to design.

Our product portfolio

Recognized by industry analysts as the #1 leader in engineering software, industry leaders such as Airbus, BioNTEch, Bausch+Stroebel, Daimler, Honda, Lockheed Martin and the US Navy depend on Siemens.

Electrical systems

Capital - E/E system development

Solid Edge Electrical - electrical design, mid-market

Lifecycle management

Polarion - application lifecycle management

Teamcenter - product lifecycle management

Active Integration - enterprise software integration


NX - NX for manufacturing

Opcenter - manufacturing operations

Solid Edge manufacturing - manufacturing, mid-market

Tecnomatix - assembly process planning software

Valor - electronics assembly and test

Mechanical design

NX - NX for mechanical design

Solid Edge - mechanical design, mid-market


Simcenter - simulation and test solution

Software development

Capital - Embedded Software, networks and tools

Embedded Products - software and tools for processors

PLM Components - software development toolkits

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Technology in action

On land, at sea and in space

Surf Loch Teamcenter Testimonial Video

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Who we are, what we do

Our mission: Create a better future where anyone can turn today's ideas into tomorrow's products and experiences.

We create software solutions for industries, such as electronics and semiconductors, energy and utilities, industrial machinery, consumer products and retail, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, small and medium business, heavy equipment, marine, aerospace and defense, plus automotive and transportation.

We're a business unit of Siemens AG, which was founded in Germany in 1847. Siemens and its subsidiaries employ approximately 303,000 people worldwide and reported global revenue of around €62 billion in 2021.