Valor BOM Connector

Valor BOM Connector understands and validates customer’s BOM and links it to parts available in the ERP system, enabling a quick and accurate assembly quote.

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Why Valor BOM Connector?

Reduce quoting time and increase accuracy

Reduce the time needed to create accurate quotations that include both material and process costs. Valor BOM Connector provides the capability to source many different types of customer BOM and map them to parts that are either available in the warehouse or need to be sourced from material suppliers.

Use ERP customer data to create timely quotes

Easily extract key BOM data, such as customer part number, description, component counts and approved vendor list (AVL). Once extracted, run power searches to connect the customer's part number with the internal part number, with missing connections quickly addressed using automated online searches. The result is a "golden BOM" that can be uploaded back to the ERP.

Calculate process costs in seconds

Staying connected to ERP information allows Valor BOM Connector to provide accurate sourcing and pricing for each specific BOM. With its complete Assembly Cost Calculator, manufacturers can price out different scenarios depending on production locations, labor rates and other variables, producing a full roll up of all assembly costs - including the profit margin.

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