A vehicle in a Simcenter test center for wind tunnel testing.


Aero-acoustic wind tunnel testing

Improve aerodynamic wind tunnel noise testing efficiency.

Optimize testing and gain more insights

In the automotive industry, vehicle wind tunnel testing represents an effective solution to measure and optimize the wind noise after applying thorough CFD and 3D vibro-acoustic simulation in the earlier development stages. However, wind tunnels are in great demand with the rising electrification trend. As the combustion engine no longer masks wind noise, refining becomes a top priority. Because of the high cost of vehicle wind tunnel testing, testing facilities need improved procedures to cope with demand versus cost. For this reason, it is essential to capture as much information as possible during each test run. As a result, there is a shift from more basic testing systems towards more advanced, high channel-count systems.

Engineers are challenged to get the maximum out of test campaigns and need to understand which methods and technologies are the right mix for the job. By combining all different technologies into one integrated platform, new insights for improving vehicle aero-acoustic performance can be obtained. Our solutions offer state-of-the-art technologies, maximum productivity, and reliability and are a safe choice for current and future needs.

Essentials of aero-acoustic wind tunnel testing

In this on-demand webinar, you get a deep dive into how to optimize wind tunnel testing. Which methods and technologies are the right mix, and how could you combine all different technologies into one integrated solution?

Case Study

Honda HALO

Honda integrates Simcenter solutions to maximize the efficiency of its cutting-edge wind tunnel

Case Study

Using innovative aeroacoustics testing tools to reduce the time it takes to pinpoint noise sources by 94 percent


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