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Simcenter Testlab software

Boost testing efficiency and deliver more reliable results. Simcenter Testlab is an integrated solution combining data acquisition with testing and analytics tools.

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Simcenter Testlab software.

Why Simcenter Testlab?

Boost testing efficiency and deliver more reliable results. The Simcenter Testlab software suite is seamlessly integrated with Simcenter SCADAS data acquisition hardware systems and can be a future-proof investment or a more agile, scalable and flexible time-termed solution to respond to your performance engineering challenges. It covers the extensive testing requirements of noise and vibration and durability engineers.

Improve productivity with in-built workflows
With its unique workflow-based interface, Simcenter Testlab sets new standards for ease of use, productivity and data consistency. The software guides the user through the steps of the test campaign, suggesting optimal settings for measurement and analysis. Seamless data sharing between different applications delivers tremendous efficiency gains. Embedded analysis during acquisition accelerates the testing process and guarantees optimal data quality.

Travel straight to the source of noise and vibration issues
Simcenter Testlab guides users directly to the source of the problem using comprehensive analysis capabilities. It enables testing teams to efficiently troubleshoot design problems and trace the root cause of a problem directly to the source. It supports easy what-if analyses to quickly evaluate possible fixes and solve the problem effectively, cost-efficiently and quickly.

Realize the potential in the changing world of testing
By testing existing components and benchmarking competitive products, Simcenter Testlab is extensively used to frontload data into the simulation process. It also provides loading information and feedback to update virtual models. It is systematically used to provide test-derived models for components and subassemblies that are too complex to model virtually. Easy to integrate into Simcenter Amesim software, Simcenter Testlab software provides critical support for making virtual simulation efficient and realistic. Simcenter Testlab licensing options provide the flexibility needed to increase test users’ productivity with options to purchase, subscribe for a year or longer and scale your software usage to your actual needs through value based licensing.

Boost testing efficiency and product innovation with Simcenter Testlab

Learn how to boost efficiency and product innovation, tackling modern-day engineering challenges using Simcenter Testlab—the software for data collection, analytics and modeling.

Simcenter Testlab

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Simcenter Testlab capabilities

Acoustic testing

Covering the broadest range of industry applications and engineering tasks while conforming to the latest international standards, our acoustic testing solutions adjust to your project’s requirements. Design innovative products with a compelling acoustic signature, relying on the expertise nested in Simcenter Testlab.

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Group of people looking at the Simcenter acoustic testing tool on screen.

Scalable test data management and analytics

The amount of data that is produced in a testing department is enormous. Converting, visualizing and analyzing test data results are time-consuming tasks and often require specific application knowledge. Simcenter Testlab applications are the perfect tools to streamline data acquisition, analytics and reporting.

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System NVH prediction

You can accurately create or assemble systems in a virtual environment using test and simulation data, easily evaluate the effect of modifications or components at different development stages and maximize the usage of all the data in your organization. The user interface is easy-to-use, enabling non-experts to accurately predict the final product noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) performance. Our solution allows your development team to deliver excellent NVH performance while keeping development times and costs under control.

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Two people using System NVH performance prediction software on a car.

Digital image correlation

Digital image correlation (DIC) is a non-contact optical measurement technique to measure 3D full-field data using images from digital cameras. Our state-of-the-art DIC solution precisely determines displacement, strain and acceleration everywhere, easily matched to the results of 3D finite element analysis. Compared to traditional point measurements, you will get more insights with limited instrumentation time.

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Man using digital image correlation (DIC) to measure 3D full-field data of a bicycle.

Durability testing

Rely on our end-to-end durability testing solution to streamline your entire testing process. Simcenter uniquely integrates rugged and reliable data acquisition hardware with comprehensive processing and analysis software features. Our solution covers every step of a typical test campaign, from channel setup and measurements to validation, consolidation, analysis and reporting.

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Download the solution guide:
Simcenter durability testing

Shock and vibration testing

Select a comprehensive solution for shock and vibration testing that ranges from routine vibration qualification tools to an effective, high-speed multi-channel closed-loop shaker control systems with parallel data acquisition and powerful analysis capabilities.

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Materials testing

A sound understanding of the advanced materials used in innovative products is essential for fast and responsive product development. Our materials testing solutions accurately characterize the mechanical and acoustic properties of new and innovative materials and components. This feeds simulation models, allows comparing between different materials, or helps to improve existing products.

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Engineer performing materials testing using a tool.

Rotating machinery testing

Our rotating machinery testing solutions allow NVH engineers to optimize the performance of rotating machinery, by acquiring and analyzing the impact of speed, torque and control strategies on sound quality, (torsional) vibrations and energy efficiency. In the lab and in the field, our multi-disciplinary testing system saves time, increases data reliability and maximizes insights into the machinery’s behavior.

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Structural dynamics testing

Benefit from a tradition of cutting-edge engineering expertise and maximize your testing efficiency when performing impact testing on small structures, running large-scale campaigns with hundreds of measurement channels, or validating 3D finite element models with experimental data. Understand how a component or product assembly reacts under load with digital image correlation (DIC) technology. Measure full-field 3D displacement, strain and acceleration everywhere at once, under any load, with only a pair of cameras for faster and more responsive development cycles.

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An engineer is performing structural dynamics testing on a component.

Transfer path analysis

Quantify the various sources and their paths and figure out which ones are important and which ones cancel each other out. Perform transfer path analysis (TPA) to identify and assess structure-borne and airborne energy transfer routes, from the excitation source to a given receiver location. TPA quantifies the various sources and their paths and figures out which ones contribute the most to the noise issues and which ones cancel each other out. From the quantified and modeled sources and paths, it becomes a relatively straightforward design task to optimize vibro-acoustic and the noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) performance of the system.

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A visual of Simcenter Testlab software performing Transfer Path Analysis (TPA).

Flexible subscription and purchase options

Individual users and complete teams of testing departments need to be more and more efficient those days. As a consequence, also their software and data acquisition solutions need to be more flexible, agile and scalable than ever before.

Siemens provides flexible subscription and purchase options that allow you to get access to Simcenter Testlab in a way that works best for your project timeline and budget:

  • Hybrid Software as a Service: An annual subscription to Simcenter Testlab that gives you access to software, support, maintenance and Siemens Teamcenter Share. This flexible option eliminates up-front capital expenditure and lets you use test software tools through lower, predictable operating expenditure to more easily fit your budget. On top of it, it enables connectivity between on-premise software application and our cloud ad-hoc data-sharing service Teamcenter Share.
  • Perpetual plus maintenance: A more traditional licensing option for customers with long time horizons. Purchase Simcenter Testlab software and maintain with an annual maintenance and support contract to keep your software up to date.

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