A car with digital mock-up of the engine coming out of the hood.


Product visualization and digital mockup software

Build better products, faster. Streamline design and review cycles, improve communication and increase innovation – across the product lifecycle.

Accelerate time to market with 3D visualization

Use 3D visualization to connect directly to your PLM system, allowing users to visualize, interrogate and markup any BOM in any configuration – fast.

View, analyze and markup any BOM, in any configuration

Easily dive into 3D product data while viewing the bill of materials (BOM). Utilize an easy-to-use, intuitive set of DMU features to view, analyze and markup 3D data. Collaborate with your colleagues using 3D snapshots that accurately capture BOM context and 3D view information that can interchange between CAD and visualization applications.

A digital mockup of a transfer dump truck.

Experience the digital twin, connected to Teamcenter

Experience your 3D JT models in a virtual, fully-immersive environment. Teamcenter VR supports interactivity and multi-user conferencing is compatible with most off-the-shelf VR devices and loads files with just one click. It also supports advanced functionalities such as path planning, interference and clearance analyses, and ergonomic assessment.

A 3D animation of a car, with its front hood open

Visualize and interrogate any 3D JT file – fast

Simplify file sharing and shorten review cycles with JT2Go, a free viewing application that allows users to quickly load, view and interrogate 3D JT files of any size. With JT2Go, you can visualize product structures and product manufacturing information (PMI), including model views, cross-sections, and even CAE results. Users can also create/view snapshots and share files with other users.

An illustration of a product structure viewed using JT2go software

Build your own enterprise 3D visualization applications

Use JT visualization toolkits to quickly build and deploy visual web solutions for your enterprise needs. The PLM Vis Web toolkit enables enterprise customers to build detailed custom web applications using standard HTML/Javascript environments. At the same time, the Mendix Visualization Widget provides rapid, low-code integration with composite enterprise web solutions.

A visualization report of a product structure using JT2go software
Case study


Recreational vehicle manufacturer digitalizes concept of camper van
Case Study

Recreational vehicle manufacturer digitalizes concept of camper van


Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Bad Waldsee, Germany

Siemens Software:Solid Edge, Teamcenter

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