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NX CAD deployment and bundle options

Deploy NX on-premise, as a virtualized environment or as a streamed service from a public cloud provider. With a cloud product offering, you can buy the award-winning NX CAD as a subscription. Our flexible cloud-connected licensing reduces your IT and maintenance expenses.

30-day free trials

Try NX CAD software

Start designing today with a free trial of NX CAD, a leading product design solution. Learn how to develop high-quality products by using the high-performance design capabilities of NX.

These online cloud trials allow you to try any NX software as a service (SaaS) or cloud-connected products. No installation is needed, so you can start designing in minutes.

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Deployment options

Get an integrated toolset that coordinates disciplines and preserves data integrity and design intent. From concept design through engineering and manufacturing, NX streamlines the entire process.

NX is available via perpetual licensing, subscription and rental options.

Deployment options include on-premise, a virtualized environment or a streamed service from a public cloud provider. Our cloud-connected products provide the option to purchase an annual or monthly subscription, rather than a large up-front investment in a perpetual license. Easily manage NX use in your organization with flexible cloud-connected licensing and automatic updates.

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Continuous release

Depend on the NX continuous release process to reduce time between upgrades and new product features, deployment time and deployment costs and risks, and to drive innovation that helps you succeed in your markets.

Slow release cadences limit the ability to deliver new innovations. We strive to accelerate our innovation cycle in order to deliver new capabilities that add value to your operations on a standard, dependable cadence.

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Investment protection

Access your old data whenever you want to. NX enables you to use data from previous NX and Unigraphics releases in the current NX release, going back to the first Unigraphics release (approximately 1984). No translations. No rework.

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Add-on modules and tokens

Extend and enhance the functionality of NX products with add-on modules.

The NX Mach series and NX X software offerings provide preconfigured solutions that are targeted to specific product development disciplines and problems. NX add-ons enable you to configure these solutions to your specific requirements with specialized design tools, standard parts applications, design-integrated simulation solutions, programming and customization toolkits, and direct translators.

Here's how it works:

  • Buy a fixed number of tokens for use across your users, allowing them to use any token-enabled product as long as they don’t exceed the combined token count purchased
  • Access (check-in/check-out) over 80 different NX applications currently in the token pool
  • Consume a defined number of tokens when each NX application in the token pool is in use
  • When you exit NX, the token amount is released so users can start up other software options
  • Use new add-on products with your internal purchasing team as they are added to the pool without additional effort

Value-based licensing tokens are available in value packs of either 50 or 100. They provide a flexible and cost-effective way for you to run almost any NX product engineering add-on. It provides a large cost savings for companies that run a wide variety of applications on an occasional basis.

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UI/Adaptive UI and help

Leverage the NX expert personal assistant. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to track and learn from your actions. It then predicts the NX commands you will likely use next and presents those commands on a compact, adaptive user interface (UI) panel.

For example, if you’re working with sheet metal (or tool or casting design), it knows that a certain sequence of commands are used. It then starts presenting commands that you may need next—it understands that there's a sequence.

The ML and AI-enabled UI can also predict and serve commands to you based on learned command usage patterns. It provides design environment personalization by considering the differences in knowledge, style and preferences. Leveraging and sharing of learned command usage data enables a reduced learning curve, promotes use of domain and/or industry-specific best practices and increases productivity.

Screenshot of the NX CAD Adaptive UI feature.
On-demand webinar

Visualizing the digital twin for heavy equipment

Learn about NX Virtual Reality and NX Render, and how members of remote teams can visualize a 3D digital twin simultaneously with NX for design.

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