Screenshot of drone core assembly for JK Machining in NX CAD.

Tooling and fixture design

Mold part design and modeling

Speed up the mold development process, including part design, tool design and motion validation. Use powerful modeling and assembly tools to accelerate the design of jigs and fixtures that are fully associative to the part model.

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A woman using two computer monitors, one with the NX Mold Connect app and the other with the exterior plastic design of a blue handdrill.

Accelerate part model preparation

Optimize the design of the most challenging molds using advanced functionality, step-by-step guidance and associativity with part model in order to ensure fast response to design changes and quality molds.

Computer generated NX CAD image showing a transparent portion of a wing spar attached to a blue jig and an orange bolt connecting them.

Drive manufacturing processes using PMI

Capture and associate a part's manufacturing requirements directly to the 3D model using product and manufacturing information (PMI). This information, including geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, 3D annotation, surface finish and material specifications, becomes available across the entire operation.

Leverage fully-integrated CAD tools

Use the comprehensive CAD functions of NX to model your part from a drawing, modify an existing model or create a job setup assembly.

Standardize manufacturing with a master model

Facilitate concurrent manufacturing by linking all functions to the single model definition of the part—from part model design and optimization—using master model technology. The toolpaths, job setup assembly and shop documentation update instantaneously when design changes occur.

Complete tooling and fixture design capabilities in NX

Automate the design of molds, progressive dies, stamping dies and fixtures using process-based design applications.

Case study

JK Machining

Colorized cutaway graphic of a machine part
Case Study

La automatización ayuda a un taller de maquinaria a progresar en el mercado competitivo

Empresa:JK Machining

Industria:Automoción y transporte

Ubicación:Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

Software de Siemens:NX

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A window of NX software showing an exploded view of an injection mold design in NX Mold Wizard.