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What's new in NX June 2023

Introducing the latest version of NX™ software.

We recently hosted our YouTube premiere event, where we showcased a unique sustainability driven case study incorporating several features from NX. Take a look by clicking the button below.

Optimized workflow with NX

During the premiere, we will show you a range of enhancements to take your workflow to the next level. Now is the time to discover brand new value when using NX.

We will first explore Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, and how it continues to help thousands of users design in a more efficient manner. Then, we’ll take you through a product design process, incorporating a range of tools from NX to achieve cost, performance, manufacturability, and sustainability goals. You’ll also get to see our approach to sustainability to design, create and manufacture products that are better for the planet.

Sustainability in product design and development

We know how much sustainability means to your company, and how regulatory pressure and ESG reporting can impact your operations. See how you can leverage the world’s most comprehensive digital twin to accurately measure, improve and report on your products’ sustainability targets.

Design for injection molding

You’ll see how to speed up your molded part design process with standard plastic features in the new Molded Part Designer. Add features like ribs, bosses, and snap fits to your model in seconds and validate for manufacturability as you go.

CAD stress analysis software

A brand new feature within NX, the Performance Predictor simulates parts under stress in real-time; heat maps will show the level of strain across different areas, enabling designers to make more informed decisions on material durability.

CAD Rendering -Appearance Manager

See how to use Appearance Manager to create a comprehensive digital twin and generate photo-realistic renders quickly and easily. Designers can evaluate a range of options derived from an extensive library of colors, finishes and coatings to choose from, saving time and reducing costs on physical prototypes

Sustainable part manufacturing

Discover how advanced toolpath technologies in NX CAM help you reduce machining time by 60%, leading to higher equipment utilization and lower energy consumption. Additionally, our smooth-flowing finishing techniques ensure the production of high-quality components, eliminating manual re-work and minimizing scrap. See how modern manufacturing technologies help you achieve your sustainability goals while boosting your competitiveness.

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