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Opcenter X is a digital manufacturing software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution with a modular approach to manufacturing operations management (MOM) for the SMB market.

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Why Opcenter X?

Introducing Opcenter X, our cutting-edge modular manufacturing software designed specifically for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs). Your SaaS subscription will include modules that target high-impact areas for quick gains. Greater productivity, lower operating costs, higher quality, easier and greater compliance, reduced time-to-market and increased profitability will power and fund your digital transformation as you extend your MOM solution.

Rapid time to value

Prioritize highest areas of impact with a personalized solution, and easily configure modular manufacturing software to improve productivity, quality and efficiency.

Highest ROI over time

Leverage Siemens’ “pay as you grow” affordable SaaS approach, introducing powerful digital tools incrementally and enjoying instantly available upgrades.

Maximized production efficiency

Collaborate using fully integrated modules, taming complex production problems and creating continuity from innovative product designs to best-in-class performance.

Customer story

WKS video testimonial

Learn how Opcenter X is playing a key part in the digital transformation of door manufacturer WKS.

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Opcenter X bundle details


The Opcenter X Essentials package includes the following capabilities:

  • Order management: Increase operational efficiency, reduce lead times, ensure quality and improve overall customer satisfaction through the efficient handling and tracking of manufacturing orders from creation to completion.
  • Track and trace: Enhance visibility, improve quality control and facilitate quick resolution of production issues through monitoring and recording the movement, location and status of raw materials, components and finished products throughout the entire manufacturing process. This includes management of powders used for additive manufacturing such as the possibility to mixing powder batches to track their quality.
  • Non-conformance management: Maintain product quality, meet regulatory requirements and ensure customer satisfaction by identifying deviations, investigating root causes and implementing corrective and preventive actions to prevent recurrence.

A high availability option may also be purchased.


Opcenter X Standard offers enhanced value with the following capabilities:

  • All capabilities of essentials package including order management, track and trace, and non-conformance management.
  • Genealogy: Provide a complete view of the activities performed to produce final material, supporting customer in advanced analysis and recall campaigns thanks to Backward and Forward Genealogy with configurable nesting level and context information for work orders, users, and equipment.
  • Statistical Process Control: Monitor and control the quality of a production process through statistical methods. Define characteristics to be analyzed, inspection and control plans and execute them, ensuring that the process operates efficiently, producing more specification-conforming products with less waste scrap.
  • Scheduling: Optimize the use of available resources, meet customer demand, minimize production costs and adhere to delivery deadlines with production scheduling capabilities.
  • Process Modeling: Understand and improve manufacturing processes using process modeling to analyze, optimize and simulate the flow of activities, resources and information within the production environment.

A high availability option may also be purchased.

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