Capital Harness Process Designer

Capital Harness Process Designer는 와이어 하네스 제작 프로세스, 재료 및 비용을 종합하는 데 사용되는 도구입니다.

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Why Capital Harness Process Designer?

Capital Harness Process Designer enables costing and process planning engineers to rapidly and accurately synthesize harness build processes and tasks, costs, manufacturing times, and more, from a harness design created by Capital.

Synthesize wire harness build processes, material and costs

Generate bill-of-materials (BOM) and more

Automatically generate multi-level, structured BOM and bill-of-process (BOP) with costs for multiple scenarios. The hierarchical structured bill of process modeling can include labor times and material costs and equipment calculation. The highly configurable operations, operation-sequences, tasks and factory models lead to process scenarios analysis and comparison.

Experience the digital twin of the manufacturing process

Optimize manufacturing process modeling for the realization phase. Include accurate cost estimation utilizing the product and manufacturing process twin. Quickly change the impact assessment on labor, material, work in progress (WIP) obsolescence and equipment. Reduce your quote-to-production cycle time.

Automatically create digitalized manufacturing process model

Manufacturing Engineers can create a digitalized manufacturing process model, which includes production process balancing and optimization. Create “what if” scenarios and validate best-practice techniques to manufacturing process planning and cost estimation tasks.

Improve costing

Costing Engineers can use the automatic, accurate and rapid harness cost calculations covering labor, material and resources.

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