View and interact with 3D data on your choice of desktop/mobile platform using JT2Go—our free viewer for JT and Parasolid XT data.

An employee reviews a 3D CAD model using the free JT2Go viewer application.

Why JT2Go?

Collaborate with the ISO-standard JT data format at no cost. Choose your preferred viewer—our comprehensive desktop application, or mobile solutions on iOS and Android.

See what's included and download JT2Go apps here...

JT2Go Desktop App

JT2Go Desktop App provides the richest feature set of all the supported platforms. The Desktop App will display not only .jt files but .vfz session files authored in the Siemens Digital Industries Software Flagship Teamcenter Visualization product.

Supported features include; Product Structure, PMI including model views, CAE results, and Cross sectioning. For a full listing of JT2Go Desktop features and system requirements see the links on this page.

Download JT2Go Desktop 64-bit for MS Windows platforms in all languages

JT2Go Web App

Interact with JT files through a gesture-driven interface specifically designed for touch-enabled devices. Use the JT2Go Web app on any device that supports a web browser to visualize 3D JT files using features such as zoom, pan and rotate. Navigate assembly structure to select parts and display PMI including model views, select individual parts, and sub-assemblies to display their properties. Users can activate their device's camera to provide the background in a viewing session displaying a primitive augmented reality experience.

The JT2Go Web App is a progressive web app that can be installed locally for use when offline.

Install the web app from the following stores
JT2Go Universal Windows App
Android JT2Go


JT2Go enables the user to work with 3D JT and PDF in the same session. JT2Go can load a PDF file directly and if a JT file is attached to the PDF, it will load the JT file as well. Users are then able to navigate the 3D data using links in the PDF to information such as PMI and product structure in the JT. This unique construct supports Technical Data Package requirements by providing ISO standard definitions for 3D and 2D data with no translation requirement if JT data already exists.

To support the consistent generation of JT plus PDF files, we have introduced our Technical Data Package offering that automatically creates JT plus PDF through the use of templates in NX software.

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