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Valor software for PCB manufacturing

Mitigate risk and improve yield with Valor manufacturing software by better utilizing the vast data generated across printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing operations.

How Valor can help your business

Collect, analyze and leverage data from all machines and processes on the shop floor. Accelerate processes on the shop floor and reduce PCB manufacturing errors.

End-to-end PCB manufacturing and assembly

Control and optimize PCB assembly, and mechanical and box-build production with a powerful manufacturing execution system (MES) designed specifically for electronics manufacturers. Create a fully digitalized PCB manufacturing model with the power and flexibility to accelerate processes and optimize operations.

Electromechanical view of laptop in electronic and mechanical layers

Dynamic scheduling and capacity management

Make the most of your existing PCB manufacturing infrastructure with optimized scheduling. Improve yield without major investments in new equipment. Minimize machine setup through intelligent work-order grouping, and respond rapidly to changes, bottlenecks and production downtime.

Engineer looking at screen with PCB production scheduling tool

Intralogistics for PCB assembly

Reduce inventory and material waste on the PCB assembly shop floor. Gain full visibility and control of materials with automated material delivery, component traceability and just-in-time (JIT)/kanban delivery. Eliminate inventory buffers and guesswork using tight machine integration and precise inventory management.

Female engineer choosing and scanning materials in PCB assembly factory

Advanced PCB manufacturing analytics

Turn PCB manufacturing data into actionable insights. Ready-to-use analytics dashboards address compliance issues for traceability regulation and quality assurance. Plus, you can improve yield, optimize for lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, and implement predictive maintenance to prevent production downtime.

PCB in pick and place machine in PCB assembly factory
Case study


Electronics manufacturer speeds production with Siemens software.
Case Study

Valor와 Opcenter를 사용해 제조 프로세스의 속도를 높이고 비용을 절감하며 까다로운 기준 유지


업종:Electronics, Semiconductor devices

위치:Timisoara, Romania

Siemens Software:Opcenter Execution Electronics, Opcenter Execution Electronics IoT - MSS (Valor IoT manufacturing - Shopfloor), Valor Process Preparation