A side-by-side of a drawing of a motorcycle merged with an HD hyper-realistic 3D rendering of the same motorcycle designed in NX.

Visual twin

3D visualization software

Visualization is for anyone, in any domain. Use of a range of visualization modes to create an accurate visual twin of your data through the digital thread. Achieve a consistent visual look by using multiple tools, including NX CAD, that are all integrated within the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.

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NX Immersive Designer

Learn more about how to experience 3D CAD in the industrial metaverse with NX Immersive Designer and the Sony XR head-mounted display that is tailor-made for NX controls.

A grey SONY head-mounted display device for NX Immersive Designer.

Create stunning renders

Work in an intuitive CAD environment to create and develop photo-realistic renders for a variety of use cases. Having a range of easy-to-use features provides greater control over the final version of your render. You can use these renders for cross-function collaboration, or for final sales and marketing demonstrations to customers.

An HD 3D rendering from NX CAD of a modern office building that has the SIEMENS logo on it, with a parking lot.

Add Siemens Visual Materials

Take your graphics capabilities to the next level through Siemens Visual Materials, which comes standard across NX and Siemens Xcelerator. You’ll be able to drive consistency through your immersive and rendering capabilities, with access to over 1000 visual materials, 50 out-of-the-box scenes and accurate texturing with UV mapping tools.

A rendering in NX CAD of an orb with multiple visual materials patterns across it and a label that says

Appearance Manager

Create multiple appearances for your products using different materials and textures and save them using Appearance Manager. Drive your visual design through to engineering and consumer visuals and manage all complex variations that you’ve created in Teamcenter. It’s an important tool when use cases require multiple appearance options for your team to evaluate.

An HD3D rendering of a coffee machine design in NX CAD. It has maroon and orange colorings, a digital screen and a glass coffee cup.

Add motion to your dataset

Use Animation Designer to better visualize animations during motion definition and playback of your sequence. There will be instances where static images may not be the best way to highlight elements of your assembly. Use a range of features to create the optimal animation for sales and marketing collateral.


NX Immersive Explorer

Learn how to lock in the right designs before physical prototyping with a high-fidelity, virtual reality (VR) review experience.

A screenshot from NX Immersive Explorer showing an immersive rendering of an airplane in NX CAD.
On-demand webinar

Visualizing the digital twin for consumer products

Learn how to leverage the 3D visualization and rendering tools within NX. Reduce the creation time of your first image by up to 30%, and up to 90% for your second.

A high-definition NX 3D rendering of a Bosch coffee machine.
Case study


A JCB forklift lifting a bale of hay in a field.
Case Study

Heavyweight manufacturer drives digitalization


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