An engineer is performing structural dynamics testing on a component.


Structural dynamics testing

From simple impact testing to large-scale modal surveys, structural dynamics testing helps you solve vibration issues.

Accelerate your testing process

The days when structural dynamics testing involved extensive trial-and-error and time-consuming setups are over. With Simcenter testing solutions, you can reduce the time required to perform modal testing and modal analysis from weeks to days, or even hours. Our integrated solutions give you access to state-of-the-art modal parameter identification methods to help you focus on the problem’s root cause and let you address structural weaknesses in an optimal way.

Rely on 40 years of modal testing experience and benefit from a tradition of cutting-edge engineering expertise to maximize your testing efficiency when performing impact testing on small structures, running large-scale campaigns with hundreds of measurement channels, or validating 3D finite element models with experimental data.

Our solutions incorporate advanced methods such as digital image correlation (DIC). This technology allows measuring full-field 3D data under any load with just two high-resolution cameras, providing increased accuracy and strongly accelerating validation testing.

Basics of vibration, sensors and instrumentation

Watch this webinar and learn the basics of modal analysis, how modal analysis can help you get to the root cause of noise or vibration issues and how you can efficiently solve them.

Structural dynamics testing capabilities

Experimental modal analysis

Combine modal testing and analysis tools to validate your 3D simulation models, perform vibration response calculations, or complete a root cause and damage detection analysis. Our solutions integrate over 40 years of engineering experience to help you easily perform a full experimental modal analysis.

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An engineer running an experimental modal analysis on a structure connected to a laptop.

Full-field vibration testing

Use digital image correlation (DIC) for full-field vibration testing when interested in detailed local response, when faced with challenging test conditions such as rotating equipment or high temperate surfaces, or to avoid mass-loading on light weight structures. Feed our experimental and operational modal analysis software with 3D full-field strain or vibration data and capture the entire mode shape and exact peak locations. Or, combine traditional accelerometer-based modal testing with digital image correlation to obtain both global behavior and a very detailed representation of a smaller section at an unparalleled spatial resolution.

Full-field vibration testing on an airplane.

Ground vibration testing

Ground vibration testing (GVT) is a critical step in an aircraft’s flight certification process. The test experimentally measures the aircraft’s dynamic characteristics in different configurations in order to validate the models used during aircraft design and predict flutter behavior. Our proven GVT solution shortens testing and analysis time without compromising results accuracy.

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Representation of ground vibration testing.

Human body vibration

Human body vibration can have significant impacts on worker health and human comfort. Hand-arm vibration is transmitted by vibrating power tools and affects construction workers. Whole-body vibration, transmitted to the body from moving heavy equipment and vessels, can impact both passengers and crew. Understanding how these vibrations occur, and how to reduce their impact, is vital for safe and comfortable working conditions.

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Representation of human body vibration

Modal parameter identification

One of the main objectives of modal analysis is to identify natural frequencies, modal damping and mode shapes of structures or objects, obtained from measured data. Rely on our state-of-the-art modal parameter identification algorithms to easily obtain accurate, reliable and repeatable modal estimates from frequency response functions (FRF) or operational data.

Visual of modal parameter identification.

Modal testing

Obtaining accurate FRF is the starting point of trustworthy noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) testing and analysis, in any situation such as performing a modal analysis, troubleshooting vibration issues or running a transfer path analysis. Rely on our dedicated solutions for impact hammer and shaker testing, as well as on our wide selection of excitation profiles to execute your testing scenarios and obtain top-quality data quickly and efficiently.

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An engineer working on the modal testing.

Operational modal analysis

Efficiently test objects or structures in any situation. Obtaining actual damping parameters is critical to assess a structure’s fatigue life, our solutions let you derive modal parameters from operating conditions and test structures that are too large or heavy for laboratory setups. Our trustworthy operational modal analysis solutions allow you to effortlessly derive a structural model from field testing without extra instrumentation.

Propeller used for operational modal analysis.

Vibration troubleshooting

Streamline your process of analyzing and solving vibration issues. Simcenter testing solutions help you quickly pinpoint the root causes of vibration issues and offer powerful analysis tools to remedy structural weaknesses. From basic tools to advanced solutions, our Simcenter offering is always adapted to your needs.

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Engineer operating vibration troubleshooting.

Digital image correlation

Digital image correlation (DIC) is a non-contact optical measurement technique to measure 3D full-field data using images from digital cameras. Our state-of-the-art DIC solution precisely determines displacement, strain and acceleration everywhere, easily matched to the results of 3D finite element analysis. Compared to traditional point measurements, you will get more insights with limited instrumentation time.

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Man using digital image correlation (DIC) to measure 3D full-field data of a bicycle.
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The fundamentals of modal analysis

Learn how to obtain a high-quality modal model of a gearbox housing part by performing impact testing and shaker excitation.

Case study


ESSEBI helps its customers with Simcenter Testlab and Simcenter SCADAS Mobile from Siemens Digital Industries Software through structural dynamics investigations in civil engineering.

Structural dynamics investigations in civil engineering made by ESSEBI using the Simcenter products.
Case Study

Italian consultancy service provider trusts Simcenter testing solutions for accurate operational modal analysis


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