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Sound and vibration certification

ISO standards for sound and vibration specify measurement procedures for a particular type of machinery or equipment which are used to certify products for certain markets. Simcenter sound and vibration certification solutions streamline the process - so you can target new markets more easily.

Meeting ISO standards for sound and vibration

Various countries around the world have legislated explicit limits on how much noise different kinds of machinery can produce. This means that any manufacturer that wants to sell certain equipment to these markets has to measure its emitted sound power level and stay below the specified target set by national legislation. How can your engineering team ensure and certify that your products will meet these challenging sound and vibration requirements?

ISO standards exist which specify measurement procedures for sound for a particular type of machinery or equipment. Following these noise test code standards ensures reliable and repeatable results. The three main ISO standards are for sound power, sound intensity and human body vibration. See below for more specifics on each type of ISO standard.

Simcenter sound and vibration
Simcenter sound and vibration certification solutions can help you streamline the ISO certification process. Combine task-based Simcenter Testxpress software with predefined ISO templates in conjunction with the compact multi-channel data acquisition tool, Simcenter SCADAS XS hardware for sound and vibration measurements. Both systems support a wide range of sensors or direct connectivity, ranging from integrated circuit piezoelectric (ICP) accelerometers and microphones over temperature sensors and strain gauge sensors up to built-in GPS sensors and CAN bus systems.

Simcenter ultimately can help you increase your market share by expanding into new territories while ensuring compliance with local regulations and standards for sound and vibration.

Simcenter sound and vibration certification

Use Simcenter SCADAS XS and Simcenter Testxpress to enhance sound and vibration certification testing for sound power and human body vibration.

ISO standards for sound and vibration

The relevant ISO standards for sound power include:

  • ISO3741
  • ISO3744
  • ISO3745
  • ISO3746
  • ISO3747
  • 2000/14/EC (noise emission limits for outdoor equipment)

Simcenter sound and vibration solutions are fully compliant with all of these standards.

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Quantifying the sound power generated by a product is critical to many industries. Sound power values are required for certification, but also for engineering and benchmarking purposes.

ISO standards for sound intensity include:

  • ISO9614-1
  • ISO9614-2

Simcenter is engineered to support these intensity-based standards and simplifies the certification process for sound intensity measurements. Using a user-friendly and automated system smoothly guides you through each step of the process to ensure compliance with these standards. From Simcenter, you can generate comprehensive reports effortlessly through embedded MS Office integration to ensure the inclusion of all necessary information for ISO compliance. Rely on Simcenter to streamline your ISO sound intensity certification journey.

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An engineer holding a mic performing intensity-based sound power testing while ensuring compliance with ISO measurement standards for both scanning and point-by-point methods.

ISO standards exist for measuring and quantifying vibration felt by humans. These standards include:

  • ISO2631 whole-body vibration
  • ISO5349 hand-arm vibration

The Simcenter human body vibration testing tool is designed specifically for certifying products using these ISO standards. Intuitive color-coded displays help you receive real-time feedback clearly highlighting any violation of exposure actions and limit values as specified in the European 2002/44/EC directive. This comprehensive tool not only provides certification but also offers standard analyzer functionality for detailed root cause analysis in the event of non-compliance. Experience precise testing and actionable insights with the Simcenter human body vibration solution.

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A hand drill instrumented to Simcenter tools to measure human body vibration during operation
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Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions enable Hilti to reduce vibration, increasing permissible daily use by 300 percent.

Construction tools manufacturer uses Simcenter testing solutions to enhance product durability and quality
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Construction tools manufacturer uses Simcenter testing solutions to enhance product durability and quality


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