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Parasolid 3D Modeling

Create and edit 3D geometry with Parasolid using your choice of formats—solid, facets, lattices, surfaces and sheets. Develop complex shapes and build models with thousands of parts and features.

A 3D model of a turbine engine created in a computer-aided design system.

Why choose Parasolid for 3D geometric modeling?

Develop leading applications with the latest innovation in 3D geometric modeling and enhance 3D data interoperability for your customers. Whether you’re developing new software or integrating component functionality into an established application, Parasolid is available in a range of options:

  • Parasolid Designer for complete design functionality
  • Parasolid Editor for model preparation in manufacturing and analysis
  • Parasolid Communicator for interoperability, visualization and model interrogation
  • Parasolid with Convergent Modeling for extending classic B-rep modeling to facet data

All options are built on the same industry-proven foundation capabilities and are delivered with comprehensive documentation and developer resources to enable successful integration regardless of your application.

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The JT Open Toolkit provides read/write access to all JT file format content including: product structure, metadata, attributes, Levels-of-Detail (LODs), Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) and precise B-Rep geometry.

Parasolid Designer

Create and edit large and complex models quickly and easily, without failure or user-intervention. Parasolid Designer has robust performance that supports designs with thousands of features.

Our comprehensive 3D modeler is suitable for demanding applications in solid modeling, facet modeling, lattice modeling, direct modeling and free-form surface/sheet modeling.

More than 900 functions are available to create, manipulate, interrogate and store 3D models. Advanced modeling tools enable the design of complex shapes, used for example in consumer and industrial products.

Parasolid Editor

Optimize imported 3D models for manufacturing processes or to prepare imported 3D models for accelerated engineering analysis, without the need to refer to the originating CAD system. Parasolid Editor is ideal for downstream applications that need to manipulate, edit, repair, simplify or optimize 3D models, without the need for advanced modeling operations.

Parasolid Communicator

Leverage our platform for applications that need to read, write, interrogate and display 3D models. Parasolid Communicator facilitates import/export of the widely-adopted Parasolid XT file format, enabling interoperability with more than 350 software applications that are based on Parasolid. 3D models can be interrogated using inquiry functions to check topology, geometry, mass properties and clashes. Visualization is supported with tools for non-destructive sectioning, graphical output and meshing.

Parasolid with Convergent Modeling

Enable classic B-rep modeling operations to work directly on faceted representations. A proliferation of facet data in high growth areas like 3D scanning, topology optimization, and 3D printing means that design engineers often need to move facet data into 3D modeling systems that were designed for B-Rep data. Parasolid Convergent Modeling enables 3D product modeling on both data sources in a single environment while eliminating the complexity, error and delay of converting between the two formats.



PLM Components help deliver state-of-the-art design capabilities to Altair Inspire customers
Case Study

PLM Components help deliver state-of-the-art design capabilities to Altair Inspire customers


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Siemens Software:Parasolid, PLM Open

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