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Complete order consolidation—at last: Create, control and monitor logistics orders

Use Purchase Order Management to control your procurement networks with suppliers and carriers. Automate everything from release orders and pickup planning to the actual pickup.

Leverage centralized purchase order management: from the order confirmation of suppliers and the addition of shipping instructions, to the creation of delivery notes and the provision of a transportation management platform for pickup orders. Comprehensive integration of all players, such as suppliers, carriers, warehouses and production facilities, allows for real-time transmission of order data to suppliers. This yields a holistic view of each unique order situation.

Seamlessly monitor order fulfillment with end-to-end milestone monitoring and generate all necessary transport documents, including labels and waybills.

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Ensure supply to your facilities through end-to-end visibility

Handle transportation orders from various data sources and formats, validating the data and allocating the orders to the appropriate units with the Transportation Management Inbound module. Use the module to consolidate shipments, assign tracking information and import or generate the accompanying print documents.

Milestone plans are used to control and monitor multimodal transportation. Implement more precise follow-up processes that can be automatically initiated when milestones are achieved or missed: real-time position data from partner platforms within the Siemens Digital Logistics partner ecosystem can be optionally integrated and provide detailed information and more precise predictions of the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

For smooth processing of inbound transports at your facility, optional time slot information is automatically linked to shipment and manifest data to determine specific delivery times and gates. This avoids congestion at the ramp and ensures that the necessary equipment and personnel are available on time.

The Transportation Management Inbound module provides you with end-to-end visibility and reduces unnecessary transportation.

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Improve your delivery reliability and customer satisfaction

Centrally converge data of all involved parties with the Transportation Management Outbound module. Provide all parties access through an interface, replacing error-prone manual processes. Use the system to automatically accept transport orders from different sources, transmit them to the various carriers and generate transport-related documents.

Record tracking data across service providers through an API, web account or mobile app. Provide shippers, carriers and customers the appropriate shipping and tracking data in real time. Issue cross-enterprise status updates and search shipments by reference data.

Recurring tasks in the process are automated: time- or event-triggered actions monitor transportation processes and notify all parties involved whenever any deviations occur.

With Transportation Management Outbound you can improve reliability and service, resulting in higher customer loyalty.

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Say goodbye to unnecessary wait times

Manage incoming vehicles during loading and unloading with the Appointment and Dock Management module. Quickly reserve, book or release time slots and link them to shipments. Control and untangle traffic flows in advance using templates and differentiated time slot windows of 60/90/120 minutes, etc. Add extra information, such as vehicle type or driver, at any time.

Run plausibility checks and validate the mandatory freight documents before booking a time slot. Use the software to look at specific parameters and specifications, such as if a freight crane is needed or if there are other special cargo requirements (this is particularly helpful when managing hazardous goods).

The Appointment and Dock Management module saves time and makes life easier for shippers, drivers and recipients.

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Create freight cost transparency that's customizable and automated

Calculate and assign freight costs to individual shipments based on factors such as volume or time, allowing precise allocation to customers or cost centers.

Automatically generate invoices and credits based on data, such as shipping volumes, distance, transport modes or ancillary services. Expected invoice amounts are checked against actual invoice amounts. If discrepancies are found, the invoices are automatically flagged for dispute.

Freight information is also automatically generated on the basis of the contracts and can then be used to for bids/tenders. Auditing and approval processes can be fully customized. Account assignment is automated for financial accounting, for both in-house or external. This makes it possible to define and apply even the most complex rates in a single system.

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  • 輸送のプレビューと適切な運送業者への積荷の割り当てによる統合の可能性の向上
  • 材料番号レベルまでの追跡を含む、出荷プロセスと到着予定時間のエンドツーエンドの可視化
  • マイルストーンベースのルールプロセスからの逸脱を早期に先を見越してエスカレーションすることにより、検索を容易にし、応答時間を短縮
  • サプライヤーによる早期入庫などさまざまな物流戦略をサポート
  • 自己請求のサポート