Engineers use a laptop computer to visualize design performance tradeoffs with plots, tables, graphs and images to gain insight.


Insight and discovery

HEEDS helps users visualize design performance tradeoffs between competing objectives and constraints, with various plots, tables, graphs and images organized on one screen to gain insight and discover innovative solutions.

Gain insight and make discoveries

HEEDS software allows you to easily explore performance tradeoffs during the virtual prototype design process and effectively facilitate design reviews. By using the software, you can:

  • Gain insight into product design alternatives
  • Identify families of top-performing designs
  • Indicate areas of cost-effective design changes
  • Support design reviews by providing sensitivity to design variables
  • Allow assessment of robustness to manufacturing tolerances

HEEDS allows users to compare performance over a broad spectrum of designs and find feasible design families that exhibit desirable characteristics and robustness. The software can help you understand design performance over competing objectives and constraints. You can easily identify the sensitivity of selected designs to input variables to confidently make immediate design decisions during reviews and identify predicted results.

Design space exploration with HEEDS

Watch the video to learn control arm lightweighting optimization with HEEDS software.

Case study

Vuyk Engineering

Using Simcenter, Vuyk Engineering optimized the design of a moon pool for performance and cost savings in a pipe-laying vessel.

They also ensured they optimized the moon pool design, enhancing offshore vessel performance. They trimmed resistance by more than 3% to significantly reduce costs.

Optimizing moon pool design and performance with advanced simulation engineering
Case Study

Optimizing moon pool design and performance with advanced simulation engineering

会社:Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam

業界:造船 / 洋上プラント

開催場所:Rotterdam, Netherlands

シーメンスデジタルインダストリーズソフトウェア:HEEDS, Simcenter 3D Solutions, Simcenter STAR-CCM+