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Productivity tools

Accelerate time-to-market using powerful and user-friendly tools.

Integrate optimization and design exploration tools

Gain a competitive edge by leveraging industry-leading features and capabilities, allowing you to get the most out of your models and raise your productivity. Powerful analysis tools will enhance the knowledge you gain from simulation, for instance you can use the linear and spectral analysis tools for in-depth understanding of the underlying physical phenomena. In addition, apps will allow you to enrich your system analysis by giving access to the flexibility of custom-made user interfaces and processing, specifically tailored to your application.

Making the right decisions and finding the right performance compromises are the main goals of system simulation – this is why Simcenter comes with seamlessly integrated optimization and design exploration tools. Moreover, a full-featured set of APIs makes it possible to automate sketch creation and to add simulation versatility. All of these features come in a user-friendly package, which places user experience and learnability at the forefront. Simcenter productivity features make it possible to rapidly acquire intricate knowledge of systems using advanced analysis, optimization and automation capabilities.

Productivity tools capabilities

Virtually evaluate the design of your product and frontload decisions using fully integrated analysis tools and methods within Simcenter. Advanced plotting facilities help you accurately understand the performance of your system in both time and frequency domains. rewriting:

Use built-in graphs to conduct studies such as transient simulation, linear analysis, spectral analysis and energy distribution. Use 2D and 3D animation tools to enhance your understanding of these studies.

Tool analysis chart showing force applied to a lash adjuster, and the displacement of the lash adjuster

Leverage the use of your models across departments, from CAE specialists and application experts to transverse project engineers and global analysts, for better productivity. Simcenter enables you to quickly create custom applications that ease the use of in-house engineering expertise for dedicated components and systems. In addition, our software enables you to enhance your model by adding metadata such as model history or modeling assumptions, for instance.

A heat transfer from the Simcenter software.

Enhance your productivity and optimize your multiphysics system simulation effectively and easily. Whether used for design or validation, system models give you access to global parameters that directly influence overall behavior. Simcenter integrates tools for design exploration, optimization and robustness analysis. The models can be processed within HEEDS and other well-established, third-party process integration and design optimization tools for advanced studies and better process integration.

Simcenter Amesim software.

The Simcenter interface is designed for optimal user experience. Features include super components, experiments, batch run capability, as well as other usability-oriented functionalities. In addition, users can define and control model states via conditional transitions by implementing complex logic into models.

Screenshot of a Simcenter dashboard where a logic model is being created

Automate simulations and build Simcenter-based applications to meet your specific needs. The software provides a complete set of scripts that support application programming in popular languages like Python, MATLAB, Scilab and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It enables you to automate interaction with models: set up batch runs, perform complex pre-processing and post-processing, carry out parameter studies or integrate a Simcenter model within an external application.

Screenshot of a  Simcenter script