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Active Integration

Connect application systems across your business to Teamcenter. Develop a central source of truth and information processing to facilitate quick—and better—decisions.

What is Active Integration?

Realize your digital threads with enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES) and other enterprise applications by utilizing our Teamcenter connection platform.

Install pre-configured, end-to-end process templates to connect Teamcenter with common enterprise systems, including ERPs and MESs. Several ready-to-use, enterprise system-aware packages are available, with other options being developed continuously.

Our Teamcenter connection platform includes ready-made gateways and integrations for SAP, Oracle, Opcenter, product cost management tools and other enterprise-level applications.

Explore the benefits of Active Integration

Reduced time-to-value

Use prebuilt and configurable workflows, handlers and visual mappings that follow best practices and simplify the process of accessing and using accurate data from multiple sources.

Lower total cost of ownership

Adapt to business agility by supporting upgrades, enhancements, changes to the data model and processes.

Proven solution

Offer high performance and robustness, with over 50,000 users at 550 companies worldwide—across industries. Leverage ready-to-use deployment packages.

Expert digitization consulting

Future-proof your processes and stay competitive in the ever-changing digital landscape with our consulting services expertise.

Cloud support

Experience our Active Integration platform in the cloud in the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio.

High Availability

Discover the reliability and trustworthiness of our industry-leading platform, providing highest availability and performance in every transaction.

Get connected with the Active Integration platform

Create reusable connector steps based in API endpoint definition of external enterprise applications. The Active Integration platform offers a streamlined solution for integrating external enterprise systems with Teamcenter through predefined connectors. 

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Deepen your knowledge of Active Integration

Contact customer support

Siemens offers world-class customer support for all Active Integration products.

Get training

Siemens Xcelerator Academy offers on-demand or instructor-lead training options for Active Integration solutions.

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Gain new perspectives on Teamcenter and the PLM market in general.