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Teamcenter Gateway for Enterprise Applications

Seamlessly integrate almost any enterprise application with Teamcenter software, including MES, ERP and CRM systems.

Access reliable, flexible and efficient bi-directional integrations

Synchronize your product development processes with data from a variety of systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), manufacturing execution systems (MES) and customer relationship management (CRM). With Teamcenter Gateway for Enterprise Applications (T4EA), you ensure the right data is available at the right time, wherever it is needed.

Design your IT landscape around Teamcenter

Leverage the proven reliability of the Teamcenter Gateway for SAP Business Suite and the Teamcenter Gateway for Oracle E-Business Suite. Access flexible capabilities that allow you to configure and share information in a variety of ways.

Apply to a range of most-used interfaces

Connect with some of the most widely used interfaces: application programming interfaces (APIs), web services/Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), structured files such as Extensible Markup Language (XML), Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)/Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connectors and flat files.

Benefit with enhanced functionality

Facilitate smooth data and process integration between Teamcenter and a wide range of enterprise applications.

Bidirectional exchange

Deliver bidirectional information sharing and exchange with the benefits of business logic driven content federation.

Robust connectivity engine

Integrate multiple applications with Teamcenter using one common framework. 

Adaptive governance

Configure, upgrade and extend your capabilities with a flexible and agnostic integration.

Intuitive search

Conveniently search for objects stored in other applications from your Teamcenter environment. Searching for relevant information is fast and easy no matter where it is stored. 

Change processes 

Run change processes and define additional business rules to drive process flow.

Support newest releases

Obtain company-wide consistent data and optimized processes. Ensure that your business needs determine how the integration operates, not the capabilities of the integration software.

Streamline data with our low-code interface

Eliminate the need for complex customization with our codeless interface configuration. By abstracting the Teamcenter API, implementers can focus solely on the business transfer use cases.

This cross-system integration technology enables automation and streamlining of business processes, making it flexible and easy to tailor to your specific industry, customers, groups, roles, projects, programs and processes.

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