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Teamcenter product cost management gateways

Gateways for SAP S/4HANA, enterprise applications and Teamcenter

Synchronize your cost and carbon footprint calculation processes with data from third-party systems.

Effectively reuse company knowledge and speed up cost calculation processes

Manage calculations of costs and carbon footprint for new products or quotations early in the product lifecycle with Teamcenter software for product cost management. This enterprise-wide platform is open for extensions by customers to address custom use cases and enable integration with third-party systems, while helping to ensure data integrity and security.

In a highly competitive marketplace, correctly knowing and anticipating a product's cost and carbon footprint provides a high advantage. Delivering high-quality cost and carbon footprint estimates depends heavily on the quality of data. In most cases, the better the data, the better the resulting estimate will be. Having a complete and well-structured data set makes your life as a cost estimator much easier.

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Gateway for SAP S/4HANA

Reuse existing data, such as standard parts, material costs, work centers, carbon footprint data and product definitions (bill of material and routing), from enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.

Relevant cost information available in SAP ERP can easily be converted into Teamcenter product cost management calculations and master data. The flexible reuse of SAP ERP data increases the throughput of quotations and ensures accurate cost calculations by leveraging up-to-date material prices and cost center tariffs.

Gateway for enterprise applications

Seamlessly integrate almost any enterprise application with Teamcenter product cost management. This gateway helps you synchronize your cost calculation processes with data from ERP systems (other than SAP) to reuse company knowledge, such as manufacturing structures, to speed up your quotation process. It ensures constantly up-to-date master data in Teamcenter product cost management by intelligently synchronizing with ERP systems to conduct accurate cost calculations prior to the start of production. 

The gateway to product lifecycle (PLM) systems (other than Teamcenter) support you in running product cost calculations parallel to the development process in PLM systems and provide engineering with up-to-date cost information.

Gateway for Teamcenter

Search and import relevant data from Teamcenter manufacturing process planning, such as product structures (manufacturing bill of material [mBOM], engineering bill of material [eBOM]). Get support in running product cost calculations in parallel to the development process in Teamcenter and provide engineering with up-to-date information on costs.

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