Teamcenter Gateway for Oracle E-Business Suite

Get flexible, bidirectional data and process integration across the enterprise of Teamcenter software with Oracle E-Business Suite.

Implement a bi-directional integration that's intuitive and flexible

Combine Teamcenter managed engineering data and processes with product information and enterprise processes controlled by an Oracle ERP system. With this integration, you can leverage a familiar work environment that enables users to access all relevant data without having to leave the Teamcenter graphical user interface (GUI), regardless of where the data resides. 

By making processes more transparent, engineering changes and release workflows are no longer confined by system boundaries. This means you can start and end processes in Teamcenter or Oracle ERP, wherever it makes sense for your business. 

Benefit with enhanced functionality

Experience our seamless integration solution, providing support for intricate processes to users and applications across the enterprise.

Bidirectional exchange

Deliver bidirectional information sharing and exchange with the benefits of business logic driven content federation.

Process integration

Employ business transfers synchronously or asynchronously across application boundaries, ensuring data consistency across the enterprise.

Adaptive governance

Configure, upgrade and extend your capabilities with a flexible and agnostic integration.

Flexible display

Show both Teamcenter and Oracle ERP content in the same Teamcenter window based on user type, organizational groups or other parameters.

Seemless transfers

Transfer data between systems, or use the query function to search Oracle ERP data from Teamcenter. Business processes no longer need to stop at the boundary between Teamcenter and the Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS).

24/7 Environment

Access proven performance and reliability in production.

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