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Integration Services Practice Consulting

Design processes across product lifecycle management (PLM), manufacturing operations management (MOM) and other enterprise systems that produce tangible value. Ensure that those processes are ready to run, robust, flexible and easy to use.

Why Integration Services Practice?

Our Integration Services Practice (ISP) consultants listen to our customers needs, propose standard solutions, and adapt our integration to your individual systems. As your integration task force, we provide business consulting, process consulting and implementation.

Benefit from personalized consulting services

Cross-domain process alignment

Experience a common understanding among all stakeholders, where everybody is on the same page. Our consultants will help you:

  • Identify stakeholders
  • Identify project goals
  • Work with your situation, as-is—find what works, what doesn't
  • Derive common language across stakeholders
  • Define maturity benchmarks
  • Detail a to-be state—what should change, and how, what shouldn't change

Integrated process definition

Get a complete set of end-to-end processes, represented by epic tasks and user stories. Our consultants work with you to:

  • Define detailed end-to-end process flows representing to-be end state
  • Describe and validate user stories
  • Obtain approvals by all stakeholders
  • Create requirements blueprint for realization
  • Adapt blueprint to evolving needs

Integrated process realization

Experience an integrated solutions landscape, ready to be used. Work with our experts to:

  • Derive optimal technical solutions from validated user stories
  • Align integration solutions with other application domains
  • Plan iterative realization milestones
  • Configure, test and deliver a complete solution for production deployment

Integration architecture

Align your definition of integration with your existing and future IT architecture. Get ongoing support with your:

  • Architecture landscape—on-premise, cloud-based and/or hybrid
  • Integration architecture definition
  • ITAR implications for integration
  • Expected transaction load and system availability needs
  • Solution deployment and operation aligned with your security requirements

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