Mold die electrode machining

NX CAM software

Mold, die and electrode machining

Manufacture higher quality molds, dies and electrodes using integrated CAD/CAM software with advanced machining capabilities.

Manufacture mold inserts with excellent finish

Manufacture high-quality mold inserts using a complete set of advanced NC programming tools. Next-generation, high-speed mold machining techniques reduce cycle time, extend tool life and reduce production costs. 
Advanced 3+2 milling and 5-axis machining methods allow you to produce challenging molds with deep cavities, while also improving surface finish and reducing machining time.

Graphic of mold insert machining.

Program mold and die bases automatically

Slash programming time by up to 90% with feature-based machining (FBM). Automatically recognize features and apply the correct cutting operations to improve repeatability.   

Further standardize your programming with process templates that facilitate the reuse of best practices.

Graphic of mold plate machining

Speed up electrode manufacturing

Accelerate the production of electrodes used for electrical discharge machining (EDM) with integrated design and NC programming capabilities.    

Using advanced cutting strategies, such as high-speed finishing, machine smooth and accurate electrodes quickly. Automate the entire process from design through production—reducing time and production costs.

Graphic of machine parts

Streamline NC programming of die faces and structures

Enable the efficient production of complex dies with advanced die face machining technologies, including high-speed roughing, finishing of cast stock material, and multi-axis machining. 
To speed up the machining of die structures, use automated feature recognition, volume-based milling and 5-axis machining. 

Automatically output complete shop documentation, including setup sheets, tool lists and 3D drawings.

Graphic of a machine part being tested

Use precise and efficient wire EDM operations

Manufacture high-quality mold bases and electrodes with 2- and 4-axis wire EDM operations, including multi-pass profiling and collar machining. 

Automate programming using FBM, which applies machining processes to the recognized features. 

NX provides direct access to machine tool technology databases for wire EDM machines, including Agie-Charmilles, Mitsubishi and Sodick.

case study

JK Machining

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Case Study

Automation helps a machine shop thrive in a competitive marketplace

Company:JK Machining

Industry:Automotive & transportation

Location:Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

Siemens Software:NX