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NX CAM 2.5-Axis Milling XaaS

Quickly program 2.5-axis milling operations for prismatic parts using automated capabilities, integrated with part model preparation tools.

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3D rendering of 2.5 axis milling part design.

Why NX CAM 2.5-Axis Milling?

Streamline programming of prismatic parts created in any CAD system using advanced capabilities for 2.5-axis milling. 

Program advanced toolpaths
Rapidly create highly efficient toolpaths with modern programming techniques, such as feature-based machining, volume-based milling and multiple-part programming. Easily define safe and optimized machining operations by programming in the context of the complete setup, including the workpiece, fixtures and the other machine components. 

Use integrated CAD tools
Open all standard CAD files with comprehensive translators. Prepare the imported 3D models for NC programming using integrated design tools like synchronous technology. Model complete machine setups with assembly capabilities, enabling you to create an accurate digital replica of your setup.  

Output validated programs
Generate validated, production-ready NC programs using the cloud-based postprocessing solution and integrated machining simulation capabilities. Digitally connect planning and production with associative shop documentation, including tool lists and setup sheets.

CNC machine running NX CAM 2.5-Axis Milling.

NX CAM provides advanced programming capabilities for 2.5-axis milling, including:

  • Feature-based machining 
  • Volume-based milling 
  • High-speed machining 
  • Automated deburring  
  • Hole-making operations 
  • Multiple part machining 
  • Multi-stage machining 
  • Z-level finishing 
  • 3+2 positioning 
  • In-Process Workpiece (IPW) 
  • Feed rate optimization 
  • Machining simulation 
  • Postprocessing 
  • Probing cycles 

Included integrated CAD tools:

  • Synchronous technology
  • Assemblies
  • CAD translators

Featured capabilities

Volume-based milling


Simplify the programing of prismatic parts by previewing and specifying a sequence of volumes to be machined. By selecting 3D solid faces to define the features, you can eliminate the tedious task of manually creating and selecting boundaries used in traditional NC programming. 

The intuitive and interactive programming process displays the calculated cut levels and the updated in-process workpiece (IPW). This process enables the rapid generation of efficient toolpaths associative with part design. 

The associativity helps you quickly respond to design changes through a fully integrated CAD/CAM system that keeps machining operations associative to the part model.

Automated deburring


Planar deburring helps you automate the programming of one of the most-used operations – corner chamfering. It can reduce programming time by up to 90%.  

It automatically recognizes the part edges (modeled or unmodeled) and creates optimized toolpaths to machine the required chamfer size. You can specify a size range for holes to be skipped for more precise control of the toolpaths.

Additionally, it tracks already chamfered corners, avoiding recutting and enabling efficient 3+2 machining.

Multiple-part programming


Multiple-part programming delivers powerful, streamlined multipart machining. It speeds the development of various tombstone and fixture configurations, distributing toolpaths to as many components as required. Complete machining sequences and toolpaths developed for one workpiece can be immediately distributed to the other workpieces in various positions and orientations. 

Using this advanced programming method, you can prepare complete jobs in the same time it takes to program a single part.

Standard CAD tools


NX CAM provides CAD tools for common model editing functions to speed up NC programming.  

Synchronous technology enables direct editing of the part model to prepare it for NC programming, including closing holes and gaps, offsetting faces and resizing part features. Develop as-cast models or other derivatives from existing parts by interactively pushing and pulling the existing faces.  

The assembly tools let you define an accurate digital replica of the setup, including the part, fixtures and complete CNC machine. This helps you easily program optimized toolpaths that automatically avoid the workholding components, ensuring safe and error-free production.  

Full associativity to the part model ensures automated updates of NC operations as the design model or setup changes.

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Unique web platform and zero-touch production approach enables next-day delivery

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