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NX CAD/CAM 3-Axis Milling

Accelerate 3-axis milling and improve part quality with advanced capabilities, integrated with powerful CAD tools for part model preparation, modeling and assembly.

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Machine part requiring 3-axis milling rendered with NX CAD/CAM software.

Why NX CAD/CAM 3-Axis Milling?

Seamlessly connect design and manufacturing teams using a comprehensive CAD/CAM software with advanced 3-axis milling capabilities, boosting your productivity. 

Accelerate machining and improve quality
Machine higher quality freeform parts, such as molds and dies, using innovative toolpath technologies for roughing, rest milling and finishing. 3D Adaptive Roughing enables high material removal, reducing machining time by up to 60%. 

Design with integrated CAD
Design parts, blanks, fixtures and complete machine setups with industry-leading CAD tools for modeling and assembly. Quickly prepare part models for NC programming using synchronous technology.   

Output validated programs
Generate validated, production-ready NC programs using the cloud-based postprocessing solution and integrated machining simulation. Digitally connect planning and production with associative shop documentation, including tool lists and setup sheets.

CNC machine machining part with NX CAD/CAM 3-Axis Milling.

NX CAD/CAM provides advanced programming capabilities for 3-axis milling, including: 

  • 3D Adaptive Roughing 
  • Rest milling 
  • Guide curve finishing 
  • Z-level finishing 
  • Cut region control 
  • Spiral and helical finishing 
  • In-Process Workpiece (IPW)
  • Toolpath verification 
  • Postprocessing 
  • Shop floor documentation 

* The 2.5-axis milling capabilities are included too 

Included integrated CAD tools: 

  • Synchronous technology 
  • Assemblies 
  • CAD translators 
  • Freeform modeling 
  • Design simulation  
  • Product and manufacturing information (PMI) 
  • Drafting 

Featured capabilities

Advanced finishing

Visual of advanced finishing

Machine high-quality surface finish for the most demanding jobs using advanced finishing toolpaths. They not only help improve part quality and accuracy, but also reduce machining time using higher cutting speeds. 

One of the finishing techniques in NX is the Guide Curves operation. It generates finishing toolpaths that flow organically with the part faces. The morphing patterns let you interpolate guide curves for the smoothest finishes. You can even cut true 3D spiral patterns with no stepover marks. The automatically adjusted stepover ensures consistent surface finish across the entire machined area.

Rest milling

Visual of rest milling

Flow Milling is an automated rest milling strategy for removing uncut material from previous operations. It generates optimized toolpaths using smaller tools to cut the remaining material.  

The advanced controls provide flexibility to apply the best cutting method for any area of the machined part, such as shallow and step areas. For instance, the arc fitting capability helps you create smoother toolpaths maximizing the number of circular moves while minimizing short linear point-to-point moves. The optimized toolpaths provide important benefits, including:  

  • Reduced machining times 
  • Improved machine tool performance  
  • Higher surface quality

Cloud-based postprocessing

Visual of Post Hub postprocessing software.

Post Hub, a modern, cloud-based postprocessing platform, helps you output production-ready NC programs. Its extensive online library, with more than 1,200 postprocessors and machine kits, enables you to quickly output programs for a wide range of operations: including milling, turning, mill-turn, electrical discharge machining (EDM) and additive manufacturing.   

Smart Machine Kit Solutions (SMKS) that represent the digital twins of CNC machine tools are also available on Post Hub. Each kit includes an accurate digital model of the machine with kinematics, postprocessor and G-code-driven simulation. SMKS allows you to program, simulate and output optimized programs for various CNC machines, such as Haas, DMG MORI, Okuma and Makino.

Case study

ASM Pacific Technology

Case study

Using NX to build smart factories

Company:ASM Pacific Technology

Location:Shenzhen, China

Siemens Software:NX

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