Prismatic parts machining

NX CAM software

Prismatic parts machining

Automatically generate complete machining processes for prismatic parts of any complexity. Cut programming time by up to 90%.

Automate NC programming to improve productivity

Use feature-based machining to automatically create operations to machine prismatic parts with many features, such as pockets, holes and slots.  

Capture the design intent and further automate the process using the embedded product and manufacturing information (PMI)

Process templates and the machining database allow you to reuse best practices and proven cutting data, enabling process standardization.

Screenshot of NX dashboard of a machine part being planned.

Create smart toolpaths with volume-based milling

Rapidly program operations for prismatic parts machining by previewing and specifying a sequence of volumes to be machined. This eliminates the need to manually create and select boundaries. 

The interactive volume-based programming process displays the calculated cut levels and the updated In-Process Workpiece (IPW), enabling you to easily generate optimized toolpaths that are associative to the part design.

Graphic of a machine part created NX

Program multiple parts and multiple setups

Speed up the development of tombstone and fixture configurations by distributing tool paths to multiple components in assemblies. Program multiple part setups in the same time it takes to program a single part. 

Easily create optimized operations for prismatic parts machining by automatically tracking the uncut volumes across setups, eliminating air cuts and ensuring safe toolpaths.

Graphic of a machine part being physically tested

Program advanced turning operations

Easily program a full range of lathe operations using 2D profiles or 3D solid models. Create efficient turning operations for roughing, pinch turning, finishing, threading and more. 

The innovative PrimeTurning can help you boost productivity by 50% while extending tool life.  

Visualize the workpiece nominal shape (2D or spinning 3D displays) in operations sequences using the IPW technology.

Graphic of a machine part being created with turning

Minimize setups with multi-function machines

Program the latest multi-function CNC machine tools capable of both turning and milling. Program any combination of turning, 3-axis milling, 3+2-milling and full 5-axis milling. Improve shop floor productivity by minimizing the number of setups

The NX CAM interactive and visual tools let you program and synchronize the machining sequence across multiple channels.

Graphic of a part being machined

Streamline planning of high-volume production machining

Use NX Machining Line Planner software for high-volume production of complicated parts with many features.  

Combined with integrated NX CAM software, Machining Line Planner enables distribution, balancing, programming and simulation of operations over multiple setups and machines

This integrated solution allows bi-directional change management between programming and line planning.

Cutaway graphic of a factory plan
Case study

ASM Pacific Technology

Case study

Using NX to build smart factories

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