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NX CAD/CAM Multi-Axis Mill-Turn XaaS

Efficiently machine parts on advanced multi-channel, multi-axis machine tools, using one system to prepare part models, design setups and program CNC operations.

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Machine part requiring multi-axis milling rendered with NX CAD/CAM software.

Why NX CAD/CAM Multi-Axis Mill-Turn?

Use a complete range of machining capabilities to program the latest multi-function machines with multiple spindles and channels. These machines with mill-turn capabilities enable machining of a complete part in a single setup, saving time and improving part accuracy. 

Program multi-channel operations
Use the Synchronization Manager's interactive controls to synchronize operations across multiple channels. Reduce cycle times for multi-channel machines by optimizing sync codes.     

Track cut material
Keep track of the in-process state of the workpiece for a more effective mill-turn programming. The automatically generated In-Process Workpiece (IPW) allows seamless transfer of workpiece configurations between milling and turning. 

Design with integrated CAD
Use the integrated CAD capabilities to design part models and fixtures. Define the machine setup with the assembly tools, enabling optimized and collision-free toolpaths. Prepare CAD models for NC programming with powerful editing tools, such as synchronous technology.  

Output validated programs
Accurately simulate mill-turn operations using integrated machining simulation. Generate machine-specific NC programs using Post Hub, a cloud-based postprocessing solution. Transfer the manufacturing data to production by creating a complete shop documentation, including tool lists, setup sheets and 3D drawings.

CNC machine machining a part with NX CAD/CAM Mult-Axis Mill-Turn.

NX CAM provides advanced programming capabilities for mill-turn, including: 

  • Turning capabilities
  • 2.5-axis milling capabilities
  • 2.5-, 3- and 4-axis deburring 
  • 4-axis rotary milling 
  • Synchronization manager 
  • In-Process Workpiece 
  • Machining simulation 
  • Postprocessing 

Additionally, NX offers integrated CAD tools, such as: 

  • Synchronous technology 
  • Assemblies 
  • CAD translators 
  • Freeform modeling 
  • Design simulation  
  • Product and manufacturing information (PMI) 
  • Drafting

Featured capabilities

Rotary roughing

Graphic of a rotary mill.

Simplify the complex process of programming roughing operations for cylindrical and conical parts. With minimum input required, NX identifies the machining material, and it generates optimized 4-axis milling operations.

The advanced toolpath settings, such as controls for tool contact shift and point density, enable creation of smooth, highly efficient multi-axis roughing operations. The helical entry ensures gradual engagement with the material, improving the overall machining process. 

Use the rest roughing capability to create machining operations for the uncut material from the previous operation.

B-axis continuous turning

Screenshot of an NX dashboard.

Define tool variable axis orientation to program complex parts that require multiple operations and tools if using traditional methods.

The advanced settings provide precise control of the created operation. For example, the two interpolation modes (absolute and relative) provide flexibility to program the most challenging jobs on modern mill-turn machines, which combine profile turning with continuous tool axis orientation. 

The B-axis turning can help you reduce the number of setups, operations and tools to significantly improve productivity.

Tool magazine visualization

Graphic visualization of an automated tool magazine.

Programming CNC machine tools with automated tool magazines can be challenging, particularly if your CAM system lacks visualization capabilities.   

NX CAM lets you accurately display the machine tool magazines, along with all the stored tools, creating a complete digital twin of the entire machine for easier programming. 

During NC programming and when you define your tools, you can easily assign or change the target pockets

The accurate digital display of the tool magazine and the tools helps you avoid any possible collisions between the tools, reducing programming time and ensuring error-free operations.

Machining simulation

Graphic of an integrated machine simulation.

A key NX CAM advantage facilitates integrated simulation and verification, enabling programmers to check toolpaths within the NC programming session. It eliminates the need for a stand-alone simulation software that requires data transfers between the systems. 

Multiple levels of machining simulation capability are available in NX, including: 

  • Toolpath verification 
  • Material removal simulation 
  • G-code-driven simulation
Case study

Manthorpe Engineering

Case study

Using NX to transform complex designs

Company:Manthorpe Engineering

Industry:Aerospace & Defense

Location:Derby, United Kingdom

Siemens Software:NX

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