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Opcenter capabilities

Manufacturing execution system

Manufacturing execution systems (MES) track and enforce production processes to ensure quality and efficiency.

Maximize visibility of information & optimize processes

Use manufacturing execution systems to increase visibility of production information and to optimize manufacturing processes.

Monitor and synchronize manufacturing operations

Provide complete visibility of every manufacturing site, and control product quality and production efficiencies. A manufacturing execution system monitors multiple production lines, manufacturing plants and supplier networks, communicates quality checks, and monitors yield and other key performance indicators (KPIs) – all in real time.

Two factory workers discussing the manufacturing execution system (MES).

Achieve paperless high-quality manufacturing

Communicate and employ your product’s digital twin, bill of materials (BOM), bill of process (BOP) and other production-critical information to orchestrate production floor operations without a paper trail. Ensure that raw materials, supplied components and works-in-progress move through production efficiently. Inform and direct personnel to execute each step at the right time and in the right way.

Two lab workers discussing manufacturing execution systems.

Model and adjust complex processes

Cut through the complexities of today’s products and production processes to ensure that products are built as planned, on time and cost effectively. A manufacturing execution system supports complex workflows, mass customization, demanding manufacturing traceability requirements and high-volume automated data collection.

Two employees in a factory working on manufacturing execution systems.

Track and trace production

Keep current on product and order details across the shop floor. Trace as-manufactured lots, batches, devices or units. Obtain real-time statuses of production equipment and processes while registering the whole history of performed operations. Enjoy fast, secure access to production documentation, from as-planned to as-built information including regulations and standard operating procedures.

An employee working on the manufacturing execution systems in a lab.

Identify and quickly resolve manufacturing issues

Make informed decisions with current, actionable performance data. MES solutions provide up-to-the-minute reporting of actual manufacturing operations, along with a comparison to historic and expected results. Use real-time feedback to perform root cause analysis and quickly resolve production issues.

A woman on the manufacturing execution systems team posing for the camera.

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