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Service lifecycle management

Integrate your service bill of materials (BOM) with engineering, improve quality with service asset management and planning, and manage physical structures to improve first-time-fix rates.

Service lifecycle management helps your business

Service engineering efficiencies will enhance your bottom line. Turn service initiatives into increased revenue with fully integrated service lifecycle management.

Maximize service knowledge for greater profits

Enable new business models and increase profitability and customer loyalty with modern service lifecycle management (SLM). Get a full understanding of your service BOM and physical asset configurations, including as-built BOM records, status and service history - with one source of service knowledge. You can also manage service operations with visibility into service and product-related information.

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Improve asset performance with effective service plans

Create effective service plans to optimize service operations and reduce asset downtime. Get detailed product and service information to teams that need to track and understand physical asset health. Provide service technicians with a complete understanding of service needs so they are prepared to perform upgrades, as well as reactive and proactive service activities – improving first-time-fix rates.

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Optimize service operations with IBM Maximo Integration

Track maintenance details from your fielded assets through integration with IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management software. This closed-loop integration between service engineering and service execution domains provides visibility of asset configurations to service technicians, and feedback of service activities to design engineers, to help lower maintenance costs, reduce risks, and improve asset resiliency.

An Illustration of a service technician collecting track maintenance details from fielded assets through integration with IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management software Service lifecycle management (SLM). Illustration overall to display what data he can access.

Enable servitization with a Salesforce app for service

Service lifecycle management together with Salesforce service cloud brings the power of PLM and CRM to a seamless user experience that is sure to delight your customers. This customer-centric approach to service connects product engineering and service data from PLM to service operations, streamlining service activities and enabling new service-related revenue streams.

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Access real-time asset performance with IoT

Gain insights on physical asset usage leveraging the internet of things (IoT). IoT combined with SLM can lead to design, manufacturing and service improvements. Through data analytics, corrective actions can be applied ahead of unanticipated asset failure. Field technicians can use IoT technology for immediate access to asset performance, resulting in improved overall maintenance turnaround time.

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Next-generation collaboration with Teamcenter Share

Optimize your production and service processes with Teamcenter Share, a cloud-based collaboration solution with a seamless connection to Teamcenter Service Lifecycle Management software. Extend the reach of service-related data and processes beyond your internal teams to work smarter and accelerate innovation.

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